The Most Popular Types of Sandblasting Machines

If at any point in your life you have renovated of tried to restore a car, you probably know that it takes a lot of effort and time to remove rust, corrosion and paint by hand. However, blasting it with an abrasive material, like sand, can greatly speed up the process. Sandblasting machines are the perfect tool to make all the hard work much more efficient and easier. When using a sandblaster, you’re transforming hours of work into barely minutes.

sandblasting machine

You can find a sandblasting machine for sale online with relative ease, which you can use for many different applications. It’s an inexpensive, yet valuable piece of equipment to have in your garage, as you never know when you might find it handy, since many household items are prone to rust and corrosion.

Sandblasters shoot pressurized sand or any other abrasive material at high speeds to grind surfaces to a smooth finish or clean debris from items. Rust, corrosion, paint and dirt are all easily blasted off by using a sandblaster. There are three basic types of sandblasting machine for sale you’ll find, all of which use different blasting methods.

Gravity-Fed Sandblasters

As the name implies, these sandblasters use gravity to their advantage. Sand is placed in a hopper, which is mounted on top of the gun. The gun is then connected to an air compressor, and when the trigger is pressed, air blasts out and sand falls from the container, blasting out at high rates of speed.

Pressure Sandblasters

These sandblasters require the use of pressurized canisters of sand. The sandblasting guns are connected to theses canisters and sand is blasted through the container when the trigger is pulled. These sandblasters are generally easier to use than the other types but are the pricier option. The sand can’t be reused and new canisters have to be bought when the old ones run out of sand.

Siphon Sandblasters

Siphon sandblasters operate in a similar fashion to gravity-fed sandblasters. The main difference is that the container which holds the sand is located below the gun instead of above it. When the air is released, the sand travels out the gun in a suction-like process.

All 3 types of sandblasters can come in different sizes, from small, portable models to truck-mounted ones which can quickly clean up an entire building. Your choice of a sandblaster should depend on the size of the project you’re working on as well as on the fact how you plan on using the sandblaster most.