The Most Popular Shade Tents for Outdoor Parties

Everything that involves planning and organizing requires a lot of patience and hard work. Even more so when the event is held outdoors – things can get much more complicated when unpredictable weather is a factor that needs to be considered. To eliminate the additional worry that the elements add to the entire planning, a tent is all you need. Keeping in mind the number of guests, the type of party and any extra equipment, it will be easy for you to find one that will fit your needs. Here are the most popular choices.


This type of tent is usually a cross between the pole tent and the clear span tent (which we will talk about later). It has a frame and a peak in the middle, which gives it sturdiness, plus it is very customizable and easy to set up and dismantle. Marquee shade tents are very versatile and come in different sizes which makes them perfect for birthday parties, formal parties, anniversaries, small gatherings and all varieties of events, making your choice even easier.

Clear Span

These tents can be customized to hold a big or a small party and can meet the exact needs for your event. Having no poles in the middle, they provide an open area for dancing and have the option to install wooden floors or carpets. As amazing as they are, clear span tents have the option for adding sidewalls which can open and close, in case the weather is not going in your favour.


If you are planning a small party, want to have a small storage place to keep some food or maybe you want to have a barbecue without all the smoke going right in your guests face, buying a canopy is the solution. You would think that shade tents are not in this ballpark, but a canopy tent is a great option even for birthday parties at the beach or at the park and they can also fit into your backyard to provide you with the optimal protection from the elements.


Similar to clear span tents are pole tents which are meant for big events with a lot of people. As their name suggests, they use one or multiple poles in the middle to hold everything together and they also have the option for side walls. Clearly, they need more space to erect because of the staking of the poles, which is why they have such high peaks.


Unlike other fabrics, a tent that is covered in sailcloth material will allow enough light to enter inside it without being too harsh on the eyes, and during the night, enough for a nice soft glow. Sailcloth is a waterproof material that can be used on pole and frame-like tents and it can provide the necessary protection from different weather conditions.