The Most Popular Types of Roof Racks

mitsubishi pajero roof racks

If you’re an avid off-road enthusiast or camper, then you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you haven’t been able to bring as many things along with you as you’d originally wanted, due to the lack of storage space in your vehicle’s trunk. In order to make up for it, many people who venture off the beaten trail opt to invest in roof racks, so that they don’t have to make the tough choice of what they should, and shouldn’t bring on their trip.

Roof racks can significantly improve your off-road experience by simply allowing you to take as many pieces of gear as you want. Moreover, you can take sports equipment like canoes, kayaks, large containers or more luggage. You can easily find roof racks for sale online, or in car dealerships. Although they’re a seemingly simple accessory, you still have to consider a few factors when buying them. For instance, you should always look for a roof rack that’s made for a particular vehicle make and model.

I own a Mitsubishi Pajero, so I look specifically for roof racks for Mitsubishi Pajero, to ensure a perfect fit. There are also some universal roof racks, which can fit different models and makes, but you should still ensure whether they’re made for your vehicle’s model, make and year. That being said, when I looked for roof racks for Mitsubishi Pajero, I came across a few different types of roof racks, depending on the types of roof they accommodate.

The most common type of roof racks are the raised rail roof racks. These can be fitted on many types of wagons, SUVs and minivans. Raised rail roof racks run the entire length of the vehicle’s top from the front to the rear, and they’re usually attached to both edges of the roof. Typically, there’s a crossbar system involved, which makes these rails easy to install, as you only need load bars and foot packs.

Next, we have rain gutters, which used to be the most popular type not long ago, but have since been replaced by raised rail roof racks. Rain gutters can still be found, if you have an older vehicle, a full-size cargo vehicle or passenger van. And just like raised rail roof racks, rain gutters are also easy to install and only require load bars and foot packs.

Lastly, the newest type of roof racks are flush rails. These were first introduced by European vehicle manufacturers, but they’ve become well-accepted by everyone. These racks are flush with the roof, hence their name. There isn’t any space between the vehicle’s roof and the rail, and there’s usually a practically invisible inner and outer groove which allows the crossbars to be attached to the systems.