Fun for the Whole Family: The Growing Popularity of Home Spas

Living together as a family can often involve spending a lot of time under the same roof without really spending time together. Between all the quick breakfasts hurrying to get to work, taking afternoon naps in front of the TV, kids being focused on their gadgets and chaotic dinner times, it’s easy to forget to enjoy the moment together with your family. This brings on the need to find a nice incentive that will make everyone want to get together for some quality time. Like for instance, your very own family spa.

Although they always had their fans, spas have only recently started to become popular with homeowners. Spa manufacturing has come a long way to accommodate almost every request, whether it’s hydrotherapy massage jets, colourful light effects, cascade waterfalls and even woofers and sound speakers. And with the installation process made easy and dropping prices, spas have never been more available for everyone.

4 Person Spa

You can get one for your bathroom if you have enough space to fit it in. Usually, a 4 person spa is enough wide so that multiple family members can get in, while being able to fit into an average-sized bathroom. Adding an indoor spa to your home is a nice way to enhance the appearance of your space and can result in hours of family fun regardless if it’s summer or the middle of winter. Children enjoy playing in water, so normally they would think a spa is fun, and you and your spouse will absolutely love the long conversations and relaxing moments the spa can provide.

A spa is also a nice way to create a relaxation haven in your yard. Not only is it more affordable than a pool, but it’s also a lot easier to maintain and the installation process does not involve any kind of digging which can get in the way of your yard’s look. With some fancy mood lighting, comfy outdoor furniture and you can create the perfect setting for summer get-togethers with friends and family.

When choosing what kind of spa to get, you should consider the money you’re willing to invest, the space you have on disposal and the size of your family. A spa can be an expensive purchase so make sure to take into account every feature. Some features can truly enhance the relaxing experience, while others are put there to merely make it seem more fancy. A good amount of hydrotherapy massage jets, recliner lounges to prevent back pain from sitting, a layer of Microban for continuous antimicrobial protection and a good filtration system are the features recommended to look for in a spa.

After making the right pick, it’s important to make sure that the spa is safe for every member of the family. Whether it’s a 2, 3 or 4 person spa, the water level should always be adjusted so that everyone can hold their head above water and children under five can stand in it. For older kids, spa safety is all about establishing some ground rules before getting in, like for instance not bringing any gadgets which can cause electrical shocks. Note that if there are steps leading up to the spa, they should be made of non-slippery material and have hand rails to grab on to while getting in.