The Most Popular Swimsuit Styles for a Beach-Chic Look

Classic swimsuits that never go out of style are a summertime MVP. There is undoubtedly a time and place for the flashy ruffled bikini or the cleavage-baring strappy one-piece, but there is no denying the timeless appeal of elegant swimwear.

A surefire way to make sure you have a go-to piece to slip into the next time a situation calls for swimwear—whether it’s a summer beach day or a tropical getaway in the dead of winter—is to invest in timeless cuts, prints, and colours. With summer around the corner, there are plenty of fashionable designer bikinis and one-piece suits coming from both established names in the business as well as up-and-comers.

These are some of the most popular styles of swimwear which you may end up wearing for years to come.

The Little Black Bikini


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When it comes to swimwear that never goes out of style, an all-black bikini set is king since it is both fashionable and adaptable. Choose any design you like; the result is always stylish.

Plus, just like a black dress is known for flattering the female figure, the same goes for black swimwear. Wearing a black swimsuit can help create the illusion of a slimmer shape, thus making you feel more confident and playful at the beach. Yes, even if it’s a bikini that reveals your belly.

A simple black model is also easy to pair with just about any summer footwear choice as well as accessories like hats and scarves. Pairing your swimsuit with a leopard scarf or any other accessory in an animal print is a surefire way to look sophisticated and expensive at the beach.

For a more earthy and laid-back look, consider pairing your suit with a linen shirt which you can wear unbuttoned over it. A jute bag and a small-brim straw hat will further elevate the look.

The only downside of black swimming suits is that their colour can easily fade due to sun exposure, pool chemicals and SPF creams. This is why if you want to own such a timeless piece, you should purchase quality designer bikinis made of fabrics that can retain their colour and are resistant to chlorine and sun creams.

The Floral and Feminine Suit

Not a fan of the minimalist and neutral blackini? Then a print look may be more up your alley.

When it comes to prints, florals are a perennial favourite, as opposed to other prints like a checkerboard or tropical fruits that come and go with the fashion cycle. And when paired with straw accessories like a woven hat or rope sandals, they look especially cute.

The thing with patterns is that unless you choose carefully, they can end up looking unflattering on you and even make you appear bigger than you actually are. So, pay attention to the designs you choose. As a general rule, small floral prints in light colours such as pastels look the most flattering.

Plus, these whimsical patterns will add a feminine touch to your whole beach ensemble. Some ruffles will really complement the floral piece if you aim for an especially romantic look.

The Cool Leopard Bikini



Similar to florals, leopard is a print that will never go out of style. Play around with the numerous bikini silhouettes this season while sticking to your leopard loyalty. Choose a triangular top with a tie-front or a high-waisted brief. You can always rely on a leopard to look good.

However, whatever you do, do not buy a one-piece swimming suit in a leopard print. This bold animal print works best in small doses, and if it covers half of your body, it will only look tacky and tasteless.

The Versatile Triangle Top

The timeless allure of a traditional triangle bikini cannot be disputed. It’s a swimsuit standard with plenty of room to customise to your particular style, whether with tie-string accents or splashes of texture and colour. It also looks especially great when paired with seashell necklaces.

It’s also a versatile top, meaning that you can wear it differently each time creating the illusion of having a brand-new swimsuit. Besides the traditional way, you can do a scoop neck simply by flipping it upside down and tying it in reverse. This little trick makes the bust appear larger.

The Elegant Strapless One-Piece



A strapless one-piece swimsuit has a timeless elegance to it. And when it features some delicate embellishments like ruching and fabric knotting, it looks especially sophisticated.

So how do you nail this look? Well, for one by choosing the right colour. This swimsuit style looks best when in earthy or nautical tones which can be paired with a variety of accessories and clothes.

When it comes to accessories, statement necklaces will elevate your beach ensemble to another level. And don’t forget a wide-brim hat that will add an extra dose of elegance.

The great thing about this swimsuit is that you can wear it both on and off the beach. By simply putting on some denim shorts or linen pants, you can go from beach to street in an instant.