The Best Distance Measuring Wheels In 2016

When it comes to measuring walking distance you want the best distance measuring wheel you can find. Luckily for you, we tried out a lot of them and have rounded it up to our top picks for 2016. If you are unsure of what measuring wheel you should buy then hopefully after you read the list below you will be able to choose which measuring wheel you need.


  1. DigiRoller Plus II
    This is by far the best distance measuring wheel you will try. It can calculate both linear and area measurements, it also works in different measurements making it great for anywhere. It has an LCD display and is easy to use. It is also light, portable, and works well both indoors and outdoors making it fit for any kind of commercial or industrial setting.
  2. Rolatape RT312

    This measuring wheel is made from lightweight, high quality aluminium. It is also quite compact so it is easy to transport. The grip was designed ergonomically so that it can be comfortable to use. It is incredibly accurate and can read long distances, once you have measured what you want you can easily fold it up and put it away.

  3. Rise Distance

    This one is known to give very accurate results and that is why it has made this list. You can even measure up to 13 kilometers an hour which is pretty impressive. Most measuring wheels lose their accuracy at speeds this high but not the rise distance measuring wheel.

  4. Calculated Businesses 6540

    This measuring wheel has an impressive accuracy rating of 99.7% and is also extremely user friendly. It has been designed and built well, it folds up making it again an easy measuring wheel to transport. It is made from sturdy materials and will last you a long time.

  5. Komelon MK4512

    This measuring wheel is definitely known for it’s comfortable grip, it simply can’t be beaten. It is also virtually weightless making it easy to carry around. It’s easy to use and come with a reset button making things super easy. It uses a composite tread to make sure that it has the right amount of traction.

  6. Keson RR318N

    This is another measuring wheel that made the list mainly because of the easy to read 5 digit display that you can magnify. The Keson also comes with an adjustable handle making it great for everyone. This really makes a difference in comfort that some other measuring wheels don’t take into account.

  7. EDM Direct

    This measuring wheel is made with a rubber wheel and has a PVC rim which gives that extra support to stay in place when your measuring. It is a precise and easy to use piece of equipment which you can use in most places including roads, buildings, farms, and so on.

  8. Rolatape RT312

    If you are someone who intends to use a measuring wheel on a daily basis then this is a good choice. It’s simple to fold, store, and carry. It also has sturdy clamps that make sure it is secure when it is being. It’s made from sturdy materials which promise a long lifespan.

  9. Komelon ML1212

    This has got some of the best reviews around and it’s not hard to see why. It’s lightweight and can be used in both commercial and industrial settings. It is comfortable, easy to use, and accurate. It also has the added bonus of being resistant to corrosion making it’s shelf life even longer than most other measuring wheels.

  10. Lufkin MW38TP

    This does well indoors as well as outdoors on any kind of surface. This measuring wheel has great traction and rubber wheels that do well on rough terrain. It can also be used on curved surfaces which some measuring wheels cannot measure accurately.