The Most Popular Swimming Pool Covers

The end of summer always seems to sneak up on you, one day you’re enjoying the fresh air by the pool and the next you’re covered in blankets. Swimming pool covers are one essential that all of us with swimming pools need. Some of you have maybe found a pool cover you are already happy with, but you should know that there are other options out there. Some of you might not even be aware that there are different pool covers available. Below we’ll go over a few different pool covers and what they are good for.


The first pool cover is the stock standard winter pool cover. Most of us already know the functionality and the features that come with a standard winter cover – it does a pretty good job of keeping sunlight and debris out of the pool. Most of these are made from simple tarp, so it can get worn out pretty easily which means replacing them every so often. You also want to make sure that if it starts to get weighed down from the excess rain, that you drain it as these pool covers can cave in.

The second cover we want to discuss is the thermal solar pool cover. These are great and smart for the environment. They are made from a micron material which traps the heat in, so these are even great for when you want to conserve energy in the summer. Instead of putting on your pool heaters, set the cover on top to really bring in that suns heat. The material is also heavy duty so it’s going to last you a long time. These are also easily adjustable, the material doesn’t fray so you can easily just cut edges off, if it doesn’t fit your pool the way you like. You can easily get these swimming pool covers Australia wide.

The third pool cover we will touch on, is the security pool cover. They almost look like a trampoline with spring loaded straps in the corner and they are also anchored into the concrete. They are usually made of a mesh-like material which keeps most debris out. They are also heavy duty, meaning they’ll usually last you around 10 years. The main problem with these covers is that they seem to let rain water through, so you will still need to filter the water for a few days when you decide to open the pool again. These also will only last you a short amount of time just like a standard pool cover.

Last but not least, automatic pool covers. The prices seem to range a lot when it comes to automatic covers, mainly because they come in many different varieties. They have two main benefits, the first being that they offer great protection from the sun as well as any unwanted creatures. They are also efficient at keeping leaves and debris out of the pool. These however do not last as long, which is a shame because some of them can be quite expensive.

There is an extensive range of pool covers Australia wide. If you are interested or want to purchase new pool covers, you can easily do a quick search online for a stockist near you.