The Most Popular Sportswear Brands

Nowadays, finding that perfect sportswear brand that offers everything you may need and at an affordable price is pretty easy. This is because there are so many world-known sportswear names known for quality, simplicity, hand-made and trendy designs. The following list includes the most popular sportswear brands, known to produce high quality apparel made of materials able to endure extensive use and able to absorb shock, sweat, and extreme temperatures.



With its famous “swoosh” tick-mark and “Just Do It” slogan , Nike is probably the number one brand in the world of sportswear and accessories. Nike is highly known both for its sportswear and marketing campaigns involving famous stars and teams. The company earns over 27.5 billion U.S dollars annually in global sales. With over 56,000 employees worldwide, Nike is the world’s largest supplier of sports gear.


Adidas is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures a wide range of sportswear and accessories. After Nike, Adidas is the most recognized sports brand and is also Nike’s biggest competitor in the industry. The brand employs over 53,000 people worldwide and makes over 14 billion euros in global net sales.


Puma is also considered one of the leading brands in the world. It has a strong presence worldwide and has being associated with outstanding players and sports teams. It employes over 11,000 people and makes around 3 billion euros in global sales annually.


The Asics brand is known for its ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ philosophy. It is a Japanese brand that has been recognized as a top performing sports apparel brand in the world. Asics has in its portfolio products for all sports, but is mainly focused on running shoes. In 2014, the brand made about 2.3 million euros in revenue.


New Balance

New Balance is an American sportswear manufacturer. It is recognized for its premium and high quality running shoes, and is consider one of the biggest brands in the sportswear industry.


Reebok is one of the most popular brands in the sporting world. It has a full range of sportswear products including clothing, shoes, and accessories. Established in 1895 in England, it has become part of the Adidas brand in 2005.


Fila is another major sportswear brand in the world. Started as an Italian brand, it is today operated under Fila Korea. Fila offers a wide range of sports products to different age groups including kids.

As mentioned before, finding great deals on sportswear can be very easy. With the variety of online and offline sportswear retailers available out there, you not only have multiple options to choose from, but a wide variety of price ranges as well.