Handmade Letterbox: A Popular Way to Add a Stylish Touch to Your Fence

You can have the most lavish interior in your house, but it’s the curb appeal that’ll give you a cutting edge over other properties. If you think you need to spend a fortune to enhance the curb appeal of your house, you might be overlooking the hidden décor potential of mundane things such as storage sheds, exterior lighting, and letterboxes.

Letterboxes, in particular, are often unrightfully underrated despite the fact that they can single-handedly make or break your exterior aesthetic. An old, rusty mailbox with bumps, lumps and squeaky flaps doesn’t have a place in your house, but you shouldn’t replace it with a boring successor.upgrade old mailbox

Nowadays, there are wonderful handmade letterboxes that won’t only serve their main purpose of holding incoming mail, but they’ll also grace your front yard and add a stylish touch to your wall or fence depending on your personal preference. You can choose between different types of mounted mailboxes including post mount, wall mount and fence mount, the latter being an increasingly popular option.

What Makes Fence Letterboxes so Popular?

As you may already know first impressions matter and a stylish fence letterbox will be the first thing people notice when they come near your property. It’s an excellent chance to break up the look of the fence and add an eye-appealing focal point that will greet your guests, but also grab the attention of real estate agents. If you opt for a customized, handmade fence mount mailbox, you’ll get instant curb appeal enhancement thus a higher resale value. Instead of looking like a dull metal box, these bad boys have an elegant design that’ll make even the most ordinary fence stand out.

Moreover, fence letter boxes offer more privacy since the mailman doesn’t have to enter your property to deliver your mail. You may have nothing to hide from your mailman, but if you’re planning a trip or a vacation you’re going to need to lock the gate. A fence mailbox will keep your mail safe until you return.

In addition, fence letterboxes are more convenient for mail couriers as well especially now with the Covid19 crisis. They don’t have the benefit to work from home and are constantly exposed to greater risk with unnecessary contact. Give your mailman a break and install a fence mounted letterbox to support their swift completion of tasks, even in these crazy times we’re living in.

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How to Choose the Right Fence Mounted Letterbox?

If you’ve decided to revamp your fence with a brand new letterbox, it’s good to know what you should consider to get your money’s worth.

Fence mounted letterboxes must be able to withstand tough weather conditions since they just stand there out in the open exposed to the ravages of the elements of nature. This is why they’re built tough to ensure quality and durability no matter the conditions. You should look for a fence mount mailbox that’s made of sturdy and resilient materials such as aluminium and stainless steel which are considered the benchmark when it comes to durability.

Many manufacturers know this and that’s why you’ll often find incredibly tough mailboxes, but you might have a harder time finding a letterbox that doesn’t sacrifice style for quality. However, you shouldn’t settle for less because there’re letterboxes that are stylish and well-designed just as your home. Some of them incorporate powder-coated steel that adds an extra layer of protection, but it also gives a smoother finish.

Your fence mounted letterbox should also have a lockable rear door for better security, but it’s best to choose one that has discrete security features that won’t take away from the sleek design. Speaking of design, you have the opportunity to choose a mailbox that’ll fit in, stand out or complement your fence while being easily visible.

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If you’re wondering how a mailbox made from stainless steel would complement a wooden or a brick fence, it’s time to get familiar with Accoya wood. Some letterboxes incorporate front panels and rear doors made of Accoya timber which provides unmatched performance and sustainability. This is because the Accoya wood is modified from the surface to the core to offer resistance against rain, snow, humidity, insects, UV Rays and other external factors.

Each fence mounted mailbox made from Accoya is unique since it has distinctive swirls and twirls that embellish the wood. Plus, you can choose from different stains, hues and colours to suit almost any house design.

Friendly Suggestion

If you’ve scrolled this far, you may be already wondering where to find these stylish fence mailboxes, so have a look at the friendly suggestion down below.

The Fence Mount Charcoal by Javi features a front panel and rear door made from Accoya wood that come in raw, oil-clear and dark stain finish. It has a sturdy body made of aluminium and a stainless steel visor, handle and hinges. Moreover, the mailbox is powder coated with Dulux Duratec – a superior powder coating technology that offers excellent colour retention and corrosion protection while providing a sleek finish. It also has a security lock for added safety.

Fence javi letterbox

The best thing about the Javi in fence letterbox is that it can be tailored to suit the surrounding environment. They’re handmade and completely customizable. You can incorporate your personal touch by engraving your house number, business name or add a no junk mail sign to keep unsolicited advertising away from your beautiful letterbox.

The Javi fence letterboxes are easy to install and can be made to the exact specification of your existing fence.

Important Note

When choosing a new mailbox for your property, make sure that its location and dimensions are in accordance with Australia post. These rules exist because delivering mail to thousands of addresses on a daily basis isn’t a simple process. The specific regulations ensure a reliable and efficient delivery service.