Sewing Made Easy: Popular Tools and Equipment to Streamline Your Project

You often see the quote “Create the things you wish existed” on social feeds and interior walls as a piece of inspirational advice. Before you disregard it as another cliché, take a moment to really think about it. How amazing it must be to have the ability to take a bunch of stuff and things and turn them into something you and others might find beautiful or practical.

Take quality clothes, for example, or the lack thereof. Supposedly, you want to get off the fast fashion train and buy stylish and durable clothes that defy the ever-changing trends and regular wear. Not only can said clothes be hard to find, but they also tend to cost a small fortune that not everyone can afford.

Plus, finding your perfect size and fit is a whole different story. If only you knew how to make your own clothes yourself. Well, doing so may be much easier than you think.

Why Do People Love Sewing?

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Sewing is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. It’s one of those skills that can grow and develop into a rewarding hobby or even a life calling. A fun and practical activity that can take your mind off everyday problems, save you money and earn you money. And the best part is virtually anyone can sew. There are plenty of resources, workshops, and tools that can help you learn or improve your sewing skills.

You can create your own clothes, home linen, childrenswear, pets’ wear, and the list goes on. If you’re thinking “I can never fit clothes correctly or achieve those professional-looking seams that won’t fray or bust under stress” fret not as there are various ways you can take the hassle out of sewing, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned seamstress.

Sewing Mannequins

Do you need a mannequin to sew clothes? After all, professional dummies can be pricey, so is getting one worth it? While they’re not necessarily essential to get started, they can indeed make the whole process less fussy and more fun. Not to mention how dramatically they can elevate your tailor-made pieces. Plus, not all quality and feature-packed sewing mannequins are expensive.

Although the price may vary for different sizes and types, an adjustable dressmakers mannequin tried and tested by those in the know, can set you back just a couple of hundred. Besides, some stores offer flexible payment options, so you can spread out the cost and make it work for your budget.

If you want to create beautiful, well-fitting clothes with ease and without having to constantly try them on or ask your clients to do so, consider buying one of these sewing buddies – you won’t regret it.


There are several types of dressmaking mannequins to suit different needs and projects, including:

• Adjustable – allow you to adjust the size and shape to fit specific measurements
• Dress Forms – usually made of foam and available in a torso-only shape
• Plus-size – designed to mimic the shape and size of plus-sized individuals
• Children’s – smaller in size to fit kids’ and youth measurements
• Body Doubles – custom-designed to fit an individual’s exact measurements

Whether you decide on a dressmakers body form or an adjustable mannequin depends solely on your requirements and budget.


A piece of friendly advice, steer clear of cheap models as they don’t say “you buy well, you buy once” for nothing. There are poor-quality, mass-produced mannequins that often have stability issues or lack durability. If something seems like a too great of a deal to be real, it probably is.

To get the ultimate value, stick to reputable brands such as Singer or Adjustoform praised for their commitment to the highest design and quality standards. These brands offer a range of models with different features such as adjustable height, leg dials, collapsible shoulders and more for added functionality. Speaking of Adjustoform, the brand’s dummies come in a wide range of sizes, from petite to plus-size, so you’re bound to find the right fitting buddy for your needs.

Rotary Cutters and Self-Healing Mats

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This power couple of sewing tools will help you cut multiple layers of fabric with great precision and speed, saving you hours of frustration. Rotary cutters are handheld tools featuring a circular blade that glides smoothly over the fabric surface, making cutting a breeze. Unlike traditional scissors, a rotary cutter eliminates the risk of uneven cuts and jagged edges that can ruin precious fabrics.

Self-healing mats provide a stable and smooth surface for cutting, ensuring that the material stays in place while you work without being damaged under the pressure of the sharp blade. These mats also protect your sewing furniture (or dining table) from cuts and scratches, so you can focus on your project with peace of mind. If you’re an avid quilter, investing in a quality rotary cutter and mat can greatly improve your accuracy and efficiency, so don’t think twice about this purchase.


Getting a new overlocker is not a small investment, but it’s a wise decision if you’re serious about your craft and are looking for ways to take your sewing to the next level. This machine trims and perfects raw edges, creating that neat, professional finish you want in clothes and home décor.

One of the best things about having your own overlocker machine is that it saves time, and time is money in this line of work. By eliminating the need for multiple steps in the finishing process and allowing you to create various types of stitches, an overlocker machine is truly a game-changer that can help you set your work apart from the rest.

Smart Steam Irons

Tired of scorching fabrics? Are your wrists paying the toll of repetitive use of that heavy iron? You should consider getting a smart steam iron that makes the whole process easier, safer, and more efficient. These appliances allow for precise temperature control so you can work on different fabrics without worrying about damaging them.

Moreover, some of the smart irons available nowadays have feet underneath which automatically lift and lower the appliance, keeping it stable and thus minimising the risk of accidental tip-overs or burns.

Closing Thoughts

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From basic notions to multi-purpose tools and smart appliances, you can find anything and everything in your local haberdashery or online store to make the process simple and more enjoyable. Without further ado, I’ll leave you to it.