The Most Popular Reasons Men Take Testosterone Supplements

As someone who has spent at least 10 hours in the past 5 years in the gym, I think it’s safe to say that there isn’t any supplement I haven’t tried, besides steroids. And out of all of them, I’ve found that the most popular ones among other gym-goers, including myself, are protein, creatine and testosterone (mostly for men). In this article, I’ll talk about testosterone, as it’s the supplement that has caused a lot of controversy in the fitness world.

Including a testosterone booster in your nutrition can be extremely beneficial if your testosterone levels are below average. Moreover, testosterone can assist in muscle mass and bones, it can help you grow that much wanted facial hair, it will improve your sex drive (this isn’t always seen as something positive), as well as your thinking abilities and verbal memory.Testosterone Booster

So, if you’re concerned about low testosterone levels and want to start taking a testosterone booster supplement, consult your doctor as it may be natural to have low testosterone levels at your age. However, if you have normal testosterone levels, you shouldn’t expect much benefits. Below, I’ll list the three most popular reasons why bodybuilders and men in general are interested in taking testosterone supplements.

Healthy Heart

A healthy heart can pump blood more efficiently to the rest of the body, meaning, it provides organs and muscles with the much needed oxygen for optimum performance. Testosterone directly assists in the production of red blood cells through the bone marrow. Low testosterone is often times linked to a variety of cardiovascular diseases and risks.

More Muscle, Less Fat

The reason why most bodybuilders use testosterone supplements is that they play a huge role in the increasing of muscle mass. Leaner body mass increases energy levels and helps control weight. For men with low testosterone, studies show that adding testosterone to your nutrition can increase muscle strength and size, as well as decrease fat mass.

Stronger Bones

Testosterone plays a big role in bone mineral density, which decreases as you age and your testosterone levels drop. This raises the risk of osteoporosis and weak bones. Strong bones help support your internal organs and your muscles, which can boost athletic performance. Research shows that with a testosterone treatment, bone density can increase as long as the doses are big enough. Moreover, it can reduce the risks of bone fractures.

Higher Libido

If your libido isn’t through the roof already, then the “risks” of testosterone increasing it aren’t that concerning. High testosterone levels can increase your sexual arousal and activity. So usually, men with high testosterone levels are more engaged in sexual activities. Men in their forties start to lose their libido and might need testosterone boosters to make up for it.