The Most Popular Reasons for Installing Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

If you’re wondering why some people replace perfectly good factory exhausts with loud aftermarket exhaust systems, it’s because vehicle manufacturers are looking to cut costs wherever they can so that they can sell their vehicles at more competitive prices. With that said, the exhaust system is usually one of the parts that gets compromised on, and instead of using aluminised or stainless steel, both of which are great materials for making exhaust systems, manufacturers tend to use mild steel. Furthermore, stock exhausts are made to pass rules and regulations with the bare minimum requirements. And that’s not all, in this article, I’ll talk about the three most popular reasons why many people look to upgrade their stock exhaust with an aftermarket one.

Increased Performance

An aftermarket exhaust system improves performance, simply because it’s designed to trade increased performance for higher noise levels. Stock exhausts are designed to appeal to the wider audience, so most of them emphasize quiet operation, as the average Joe doesn’t want a vehicle that’s loud. Unfortunately, as a result, quiet exhaust systems are quite restrictive, so gear heads are left with a subpar-performing vehicle. With a quality aftermarket exhaust system, made out of quality materials such as stainless and aluminized steel, you can get more out of your engine. Furthermore, aftermarket systems feature larger pipes, which means that more clean air can get to the engine, while the exhaust emissions get out of the system faster. Simply put, it is the most affordable and most popular way to improve vehicle performance.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Adding an aftermarket exhaust will also improve your vehicle’s fuel economy, as long as you don’t drive more aggressively after implementing it, that is. Due to the fact that aftermarket exhausts are less restrictive, the engine can operate far more efficiently. And even though the efficiency gain is relatively small, it’s noticeable in the long run. If you combine an aftermarket exhaust with a cold air intake and a tonneau cover, you can improve your vehicle’s mileage significantly. As a result, you’ll be saving a lot of money down the road on fuel.

Flashy Style

Most aftermarket systems feature visual cues to showcase your vehicle’s power. For instance, stainless steel and chrome exhaust tips can be commonly seen in most aftermarket exhausts. You can also choose between dual exhausts, chrome exhaust stacks or side exit exhausts – all styling cues that are commonly found on aftermarket systems. The aggressive and distinct sound is also a plus, and while it is not for everyone, many people enjoy the rumble that aftermarket exhausts produce.