Popular Things To Have At Hand When Hiring Movers

Maybe you’re new to moving houses or maybe you have some experience, either way, moving can be difficult. Even with experience moving into a new place, you don’t yet know that it can be a challenge, not to mention that it is always stressful.

Some of you may be planning to do this yourself, however, the smarter option would be to hire reliable Aussie movers. Professional Aussie movers have the right sized moving vehicle, the right equipment and tools and offer insurance coverage on all your valuables. Remember, accidents do happen and you certainly can’t collect a damage claim from yourself, in case, God forbid you drop your TV. When checking out reputable Aussie movers, make sure you ask what your insurance options are and few more surefire questions. Also, moving houses yourself can be dangerous, exhausting and can lead to serious injury. Therefore, hire professionals.


But even if you hire professionals you should be prepared for the big day; you should plan few things ahead of time to make moving a little bit easier.

  1. Have Your Money Ready!

    Having your money ready when the movers arrive will make things a lot easier. See if you can even pay ahead of time so you’re not looking for your wallet once they’re done. This will also save you time and give you peace of mind if you suddenly realize that you need to run to the bank.

  2. Cold Bottled Water

    Most moving guys will carry their own refreshments but being hospitable goes a long way. Make sure you have some cold water and maybe a few other beverages and snacks on hand. This will boost productivity and make sure that everyone is feeling okay. This is one way that the workers will feel more willing to work for you and take care of your things.

  3. Dolly

    This will save you a lot of time if you have a lot of furniture or some awkward to carry items. Having one on hand will mean that moving your things will get done in a faster amount of time. Just make sure that you label it so it doesn’t get mixed up with anything else. This will also make finding it a lot easier when things start to wrap up.

  4. Have A Plan and a Checklist

    Planning is crucial and goes a long way when you’re moving. You want to have all your boxes labeled so you know what room they are supposed to go in. Make sure you discuss your plan with your Aussie movers so they understand what you want and what you want them to do. This will make packing and unloading so much easier and run smoother.

  5. Focus! Stop Talking.

    This one may be harder for some people than others and while getting to know new people is great, too much conversation can really slow the task at hand down. If you feel like they deserve a break call them over for a quick one, enjoy some refreshments and chat away. Just make sure that when it’s time to get back to work, the conversation is minimal and work related.

  6. Keys and Codes

    If you are moving into an apartment building that needs codes to enter or keys to entry doors, make sure that the removalists have everything they need ahead of time before they arrive. If you need to continuously buzz them in, this could become frustrating for both you and the removalists. If you have a doorman, make sure to tell him ahead of time that you will be moving in.

  7. Extra Supplies

    You should always have more than you need because boxes can rip and break; you might need to tape something twice to avoid a disaster. It’s better to be over prepared and ready just in case a situation arises and you need to have a quick fix. Instead of running around flustered on the day, invest in some extra supplies.

  8. Print Out Directions

    Most removalists will have a great GPS system but having printed directions is just a step you can take to take some extra care. Drive to your new place and tell them if there are any potholes or bumps so they know ahead of time to avoid them.