The Most Popular Pieces of Off-Road Equipment

off road equipment

Generally speaking, even the most basic 4WD can get you away from the city for a peaceful getaway adventure off the beaten trail. However, it won’t take much time before you see the shortcomings of the stock setup, and see how things can become much more enjoyable and comfortable with a few pieces of accessories and equipment added into the setup.

Today, there’s no shortage of off road equipment and accessories online, and while some are more expensive than others, they all improve your off road experience in one way or another, by adding a great deal of functionality, protection and appeal to your 4WD. Here’s a list of the most popular pieces of equipment and accessories.

The Bullbar

The bullbar is often times considered the unsung hero of the 4WD setup. A bullbar will protect your entire front end, including the headlights, grille and paint job, without having to perform heavy modifications to your vehicle. It will protect you against large branches, debris and stones. If you’re going to partake into more serious off road adventures, then you should look to invest in a high-quality, heavy-duty bullbar that’s tested and certified to the tough Australian conditions and it is ADR approved.


What’s beneath your 4WD and how it performs is essential if you want to know whether your rig is in a good condition. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about it. In terms of your 4WD’s performance, there’s nothing more important than a reliable and well sorted suspension setup. There’s a wide array of aftermarket lift kits available, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Do your homework before you head out to buy a suspension kit so that you make the right choice.

Roof Rack

If you plan on hitting the road for a longer period of time, you want to make sure you have everything you need. You won’t always have the room for it, especially if you’re going with friends or family. Roof racks let you pack the bulkier and larger things out of the way and free up sitting space inside the rig. Putting too much weight on it can compromise the centre gravity though, so you should be smart about where and how you pack things.

Recovery Equipment

You might not always need recovery off road equipment, but when you do – you’ll regret not having it. The most popular pieces of recovery equipment are recovery tracks and the winch. Recovery tracks don’t take as much space as the winch does, and are pretty straightforward to use. A winch however, is much more reliable if there’s a tree or another truck to pull you out nearby. There isn’t a right or wrong choice when buying recovery equipment as long as it’s of high-quality.