Stay Fashionable with the Popular Cowboy Style with Our Top Picks

Western-inspired outfits are as popular now as they’ve ever been, much to the happiness of people who are fans of all-things country. Whether you’ve always wanted to pay homage to your favourite cowboys from the screens, or channel the inner cowboy in you, it’s never been easier than it is now without spending too much money or looking like you came out of a cartoon.

The reason for this is because brands of quality men’s cowboy wear today mix all the right properties when creating their collections. This includes choosing the appropriate fabrics that guarantee as much weather protection as breathability, and comfort, and offering utmost style with the ideal designs that are timeless rather than temporary and fleeting as the fast fashion pieces.

quality mens cowboy wear


This way you get classic pieces that are durable and wearable with most of the clothes already present in your wardrobe. What further makes them so wearable is the fact they have a little bit of the charm that streetwear enthusiast seek, such as relaxed fit, colours and details that are easy to combine without calling for too much attention, and designs that can fit in with other streetwear pieces.

What Do Western Guys Wear?

Well, you might be expecting to see things like all items with fringe detailing or embroidery, a typical cowboy hat, or a pair of pointy leather boots on our list, but modern cowboys care about what any man nowadays cares about: hard-wearing clothes that are great for all sorts of weather conditions. Some of the popular picks would be:

Check Shirt

A true western wear staple, the cowboy of today can’t do without this top no matter which part of the year it is. In addition to being practical clothing that protects from the sun and wind, this piece of men’s cowboy wear is also stylish with the right flair of western charm. One brand that offers variety is Bisley, and is worth checking out if you’re looking for affordable shirts that can stand up to wear and tear, and sleek designs like the snap.

The easiest way to introduce it in the wardrobe is to choose a plaid shirt in a brighter colour for the warmer months, and daily wear, while the darker toned are perfect for the colder months and nights out. To avoid overburdening the look with colour and print, choose a shirt with no more than three colours for the plaids, and if too vibrant, don’t wear bottoms that are patterned as muted would be the best option for a seamless outfit.

Casual Shirt

Whether you like the plaid top or not, you can always opt for this more casual-like top that gives off streetwear vibe. Our pick would be one of the many RM Williams’ shirts that are easily teamed up with the button-down check staple, as much as worn on their own. Available in many colours, with and without prints, both long and short sleeved, you’ve got a ton of options to shop from. The regular fit, the crew neck, the different finishes are all elements that make them trendy as they are.


Need something warmer, but still with the rugged appeal of the plaid shirt? That’s what the flannelettes are for. Made from 100% cotton, the Swanndri designs are everything you could wish for in stylish and durable tops. The half-button front, the buttoned cuffs, the buttoned chest pockets are some of the features you’d love about them, besides the versatility of colours. They’re as good of an option as the fleece!

flannelette shirt



As protection from the weather is of primary importance with western wear, you should include this piece of men’s country clothing in your wardrobe too, as it’s the perfect layer that cowboys swear by for when the weather is neither hot nor cold before they wear their jackets. A quality design that can stand up to weather as much as daily wear and tear, and regular maintenance, is what you can expect to get from Outback’s vests. Some of their best features include the full zip front, the variety of pockets, both external and hidden, and the polar fleece lining for extra warmth.


No cowboy is a cowboy without the proper pair of jeans. Fit for wear in the harsh outdoor working conditions, as much as the leisurely life in the city, the jeans are another must-have staple, with lots of washes, designs, fits, and sizes to choose from. Levi’s and Wrangler are two brands you can have the peace of mind choosing from and counting on utmost comfort as well as durability and versatility, though Hard Yakka also has plenty to offer if you’re up for a smooth fabric that’s lightweight yet insulating, like the 100% cotton weft sateen brushed fabric of their moleskins trousers.


The country boots are just as important as the clothes, and cowboys always pick the best of the best to ensure they get the support and all-day wear comfort they need. This is what you get from some of RM Williams’ shoes, and if I had to single out that one design that stands out with popularity, it would have to be the versatile comfort craftsman boot that’s fit for work conditions and dress occasions alike.