The Most Popular Online Maternity Stores to Shop from in 2019

Being pregnant is a unique blessing that changes you as a person in all ways possible. Starting from the way you look, the way you feel and ultimately – the way you dress yourself during those 9 months. And although you may not be feeling yourself during that period, think about it this way – given that you are eating and dressing for two now, you might as well employ the notion that you can look twice as good. Years ago, the range of maternity clothing was so limited that you could barely find something flattering to wear. Today, however, pregnant women can feel comfy in what they’re wearing while also looking gorgeous. The number of online maternity online stores is constantly on the rise, making shopping for maternity wear a piece of cake.

But before you dive into the range of the best maternity stores, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying. Remember, in these golden days, comfort is crucial. This means that no matter how good a certain piece looks, if it restricts your movement and does not make you feel cosy in it – it is not worth your money. Also, breathable materials like linen, silk and cotton should be your best friends during this period, so make sure you stick with them. Dressing in layers is also a good idea. Your body temperature is likely to change often, so layering up will keep you comfortable at all times. And last, but not least, keep track of your measurements. This is especially important when you decide to shop from an online maternity store.

Milk & Love


Milk and Love is an online maternity store that sells maternity and breastfeeding clothing, hospital bag essentials, baby products, toys and gifts – basically, anything that you would need during that period. The store offers hand-picked, quality, eco-friendly and natural pieces of clothing and products. There you will find nothing but the best products carefully selected from the best brands known in the industry. The clothing that Milk and Love offers is fairly true to size with an Australia size 12 being equivalent to a Medium. Here you can find some amazing breastfeeding tops and dresses that are hand-selected for simpler and more convenient breastfeeding. Most of them include an extra layer of material so that your belly or chest are not exposed. Most of the eco-friendly clothes are ordered in advance which is one of the reasons why their pieces are so affordable.

Cake Maternity


This is another great store to visit. It offers a beautiful range of wire and seam-free nursing bras that are not boring and already-seen. You can also find maternity swimwear, sleepwear and nursing pads. If you decide to sign up to their newsletter, they will give you 10% off your first order. Cake Maternity is a store that is focused on designing supportive, comfortable and nursing wear that can fit and compliment the lifestyle of any mum. Motherhood, especially breastfeeding can be both fun and wild ride and not all women find this journey easy. This shop is here to offer you a helping hand by providing an extensive assortment of maternity and nursing bras in a wide range of designs and colours.

Soon Maternity


This is an award-winning Australian maternity clothing brand that offers comfortable, stylish and chic pieces that you can wear during your pregnancy and after you bring to this world your little one. Their mission is to design a diverse range of maternity clothing that has a little something for all women – from comfortable and stylish cocktail dresses for special events to casual dresses, black work pants, basic tees, breastfeeding clothes and maternity activewear. Their designs meet a high standard in comfort and quality allowing all mommies to express their personal style with confidence. Most of their designs are made in Australia but they also stock products from different retailers from all around the world.



This pregnancy shop has a really lovely selection of maternity clothing. It is a global brand that always offers something new for less money. Here you can find a wide range of comfy clothing, dresses, party styles, tops, accessories, shoes and more. They offer everything a girl or mum-to-be needs. They stock an amazing range of maternity options – from casual tees to on-trend dresses, essential leggings and maternity jeans but they also offer beachwear, shorts, blazers, dresses, tops, denim, lingerie, sleepwear, and everything in between.

Maive & Bo


This brand was born to help women embrace their shape during and after pregnancy. This maternity store is known for its beautiful prints and flattering styles that celebrate the feminity of pregnancy. It offers products which are designed with comfort and style making it easy for new mums to embrace their new figure and enjoy this exciting time of their life. Each piece they stock is designed in Australia keeping in mind the current fashion trends and seasonal changes. The final result is a maternity clothing that gives you the confidence to feel and look amazing.