The Most Popular Olight LED Searchlights

Technology has had a huge impact on our lives. It has shaped the way we work, live and experience life. Whilst technology sometimes has a negative connotation for ruining people’s lives it has actually saved the lives of millions around the world. The fact that one simple, yet groundbreaking invention can change the course of history is incredible, and that’s what LED technology is doing. Incredible in all its glory, LED has been responsible for improving the quality of life in communities, but most importantly, it has been used to make saving people’s lives far easier.

picture of person holding led flashlight in the dark


Not only are LED lights energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, but they’ve also become an essential piece of equipment in search and rescue operations. The power of LED search lights is what has made finding people trapped or stranded in hard-to-find places significantly easier than it was just a couple of decades ago. The use of LED lighting accessories has made search lights even more effective at locating missing or stranded people. With a powerful flashlight, everything is possible and that’s what the people at Olight have been making throughout the company’s existence.

What Are Searchlights Used For?

Also known as a spotlight, searchlights are light sources that use what is known as a parabolic reflector to project a beam of light. A top-of-the-line LED searchlight almost always comes with the ability to change the direction of light, but these are mainly used by the army. Here are some of Olight’s best handheld searchlights.

Warrior X

picture of a Warrior X Turbo flashlight on wooden panel


The Warrior X is a powerful search light that can illuminate a long-distance beam and has a lot of lumens to provide powerful illumination. This Olight torch is capable of shining a light of up to 560m. A lot of people think 2000 lumens isn’t a lot for a search light, but the powerful LED Cree XHP35 NW lamp that the Warrior X is equipped with will prove them otherwise. With a 3000mAh lithium battery, the Warrior X can run continuously for 280 minutes in one single charge. This IPX-8 rated torch weighs around 218g and it has 3 different lighting modes. The Warrior X is known as the world’s first flashlight with a vibrating power indicator. How cool is that?

Marauder 2

picture of an Olight Murauder 2 blue flashlight


While the Marauder 2 is quite the jump up in lumen count from the Warrior X, it is also a lot heavier and less compact than its more versatile counterpart. Weighing 750g, it allows you to shine a light across 800m distances, with an output maximum of 14.000 lumens. This is all possible thanks to Marauder’s three 5000 mAh lithium-ion batteries and its powerful high-performance cool white LEDs which can operate for 59 hours straight.

You might think that the Marauder 2 takes a lot longer to charge than the Warrior X but with the 30W adapter supplied in the box it gets fully charged in 2.5 hours. You can also charge your phone with the Marauder 2 by simply using the cable provided with it. The 1-meter drop-proof torch comes with a USB-C port, 6 different lighting modes when using the floodlight option, and 9 more when using the spotlight option.

Seeker 2 Pro

picture of an Olight Seeker 2 pro flashlights in persons hand


With the Seeker 2 Pro, you get a bit more lumens to work with than the Warrior X, but less than the Marauder 2. Equipped with 3200 lumen LEDs and a 5000 mAh battery pack, the Seeker 2 Pro is capable of shining a light over 250 meters. While you don’t get as much throw as you do with the aforementioned models, you get a lot of versatility thanks to the many modes it offers. There are 5 different modes and the longest runtime of this LED searchlight is 12 days. Yup, you read that right. Plus, with a weight of only 198g, the Seeker 2 Pro makes for a balanced search light with all the bells and whistles found on top-tier torches.

Warrior X Turbo

picture of a Warrior X Turbo black flashlight on a firtree leaves


The bigger, more capable brother of the Warrior X, the Warrior X Turbo can dazzle you even over 1000 meters distance. Although not as powerful when it comes to its lumen count, this 1100 lumens search light can work for 12.5 straight from a single battery charge. The unique illumination throw of the Warrior X turbo isn’t the only surprise you’ll encounter when using this torch. The charger is a magnetic pad that the torch snaps to. The 250,000cd light intensity and the pressure-switch compatibility make the Warrior X Turbo Olight’s most versatile searchlight.

X9R Marauder

picture of a person holding X9R Marauder flashlight in the wild


Do you want a searchlight more capable than the Marauder 2? Well, if that’s the case then the X9R Marauder will surely satisfy your needs. With an incredible 25000 lumens out and a beam distance of 630m, this 185g heavy torchlight is Olight’s top-shelf search light. The X9R Marauder comes with 8 different lighting modes and a strobe mode all powered by 8 high-discharge rate batteries. The 25000 lumen light output is possible thanks to the 6 CREE XHP70.2 CFW LED lights. With a beam intensity of 99.200 cd, the X9R Marauder is a high-performance all-rounder that can run continuously for 27h.