Flashlights: What Are the Popular Accessories?

Flashlights are multi-purpose tools that many of us tend to take for granted, and it shouldn’t be so. They’re perfect for home and outdoor usage alike considering they’re tools designed to be handy in numerous situations, from emergencies to day to day use.

What’s great nowadays, aside from the fact they’re versatile, available in various brands, models and sizes is the wide range of accessories, as in the example with flashlight lens filters, so you can upgrade or enhance your flashlight depending on what you need it for.


With the filters specifically that you can find in colours such as red, green, blue and a diffused white version, you get a flashlight suitable for many applications. For instance, with the blue filter you get better lighting for reading charts and maps outdoors since there’s less light output, plus it’s used by law enforcement due to its exposure of bodily fluids.

The red filter is ideal for protecting your natural night vision, more so than the blue, and is useful with both non-tactical and tactical applications as it’s helpful for the military, hunters and fishing enthusiasts. With the green you turn your flashlight into a tool working perfect in fog and smoke environments.

If you’re looking for the adequate light source for close up activities, like reading or sketching the white diffused flashlight lens filters are the ideal option, and they can serve for wide area lighting as well.

Additionally, there are various other accessories to resort to, depending on whether it is you need secure storage for your flashlight or safe attachment for easy portability, as it the case with sturdy accessory cases and pocket clips respectively.

Camping lovers would certainly find diffusers ideal as they are designed to turn your torch into a powerful lighting source, a lantern if you will, perfect for setting up tents after dark, hiking or finding your way to the loo and back.

Somewhat similar, the traffic wands are great when you need to divert traffic in emergency situations as they are easy to attach which makes them suitable to have with you in the car whenever on the go because you can’t know what you might be needing them.

Last but not least, created for convenience the wide range of chargers offers something for everyone; whether it’s car charger you require or for home use, rechargeable bays and kits made to be suitable for solar panel charging also, so opt for what’s most useful to you and be amazed by your flashlight.