The Most Popular Motorcycle Maintenance Tool

Talk to anyone who owns a motorcycle and they will tell you the reason why they prefer to cruise on two wheels instead of four – the sense of freedom, individuality, and overall excitement are just some of the many thrills that one feels when riding a motorcycle. But in order to keep their precious babe in a good working condition, bikers know that they should perform regular maintenance check ups as well as to have a couple of handy tools themselves.

While there is plenty to talk about the different types of motorcycles and all the tools you should have, there is no discussion that you need to have the most basic tool – the spider stand motorcycle lift. In this post we’ve decided to put the emphasis on this rather necessary tool. Let’s cover the basics.

The spider stand motorcycle lift is incredibly strong – it lifts the bike from just two points in the frame and once the bike is locked in, it is 100% safe. Having your own spider stand motorcycle lift in your garage will allow you to do routine maintenance check ups and repairs on your motorcycle much easier. Here is what you need to consider when choosing a motorcycle lift that suits your needs.

Spider Stand Motorcycle Lift

Lifting Capacity

It is extremely important that you select a motorcycle lift that has proper lifting capacity that matches the weight of your motorcycle.

Frame Rigidity

This is a factor that is often overlooked by many when selecting a spider stand motorcycle lift. However, when lifting a heavy bike, if the frame of the lift lacks rigidity, it can result in excessive bouncing and even cause the frame to blow in the middle. Rigidity is often determined by the design of the frame and cannot be determined visually.

Base Frame Footprint

Many motorcycle owners like to keep their ride lifted on a motorcycle lift and do the cleaning and polishing while sitting on a rolling stool. Because of that, the footprint of the lift base frame needs to be large enough to provide stability from tipping.

Construction Material

Spider stand motorcycle lifts are typically made from aluminum, steel, or a mix of both. If you plan on using your lift mainly around the garage, a lift made from steel would be fine. However, if you plan on taking it out of the garage, then an aluminum lift is a much better option.