Grainfather: The Popular Brand for Homebrewing Supplies

If you’re an avid beer fan, and already had your share of craft beers to the point of knowing which is which by the graphic on the can, then it might be time to shake things up by creating your very own brew. Homebrewing is a popular pastime hobby fit for men and women of all ages, and the more you experiment with the variety of ingredients, the more you can have fun and create your signature style, taste, and flavour. If you’ve already been interested in it, you’re probably no stranger to the popular name Grainfather.

What Is Grainfather?

In simple terms, it’s a name related to an all-grain beer brewing system that takes homebrewing to the next level of the one you get from home starter kits. It’s the kind of all-in-one design that allows you to experience the age-old tradition of brewing with an innovative design with advanced features that neither cost you a fortune nor take up too much of your garage space. No surprise that this brand has gained so much popularity, right?!

One of the most advanced designs of the Grainfather brewing system is the sleek G40 vessel but that’s not to say they’re only famous for the vessels that come in a range of sizes. Rather, the brand is a manufacturer of all sorts of equipment needed and used throughout the entire brewing process, from the basics of tools required for milling the grains and malts to the different accessories for the steps of sparging, straining and boiling.

Thanks to this, it won’t be long before you become a pro and excel in the hobby. Especially if you’re after getting professional craft beer results! Sure, it may cost more than a simple brewing kit, but it’s money well spent if you think of all the homebrewing you’d do in it. It’s a long-term investment that would highly benefit you. Just think about it, in a single batch you could produce litres and litres of beer.

Grainfather Brewing Equipment


Why Invest in Grainfather?

Out of a world of kits and accessories, you may be wondering why exactly should you invest in Grainfather brewing systems and there are more reasons and benefits than you might think.

The Handy Features

The innovative features are certainly something the brand stands out from the rest of the competition. From the amazing choice of material for the vessels, which is 304-grade stainless steel known for extreme durability and strength, to the ease with which you can do the heating and the cooling thanks to the digital controller with a backlit display, and stainless steel immersion chiller – everything is created to be user-friendly for your utmost convenience. The controller is also made with wireless connectivity so you can do all the managing remotely if you wish to all through the Grainfather app that’s free.

Speaking of the app, it enables you to download and save recipes you’d like to keep at your fingertips, and along with all this, you can additionally make use of Bluetooth technology. To make matters even simpler, you can also count on the Grainfather add-on to make heat easier to operate. The design of the vessel itself is in a perfect size so you can find the perfect spot in the kitchen or the garage to store it.


The Ease of Cleanliness

Not to mention, it’s equipped with an internal pipe for draining and sparging, and you won’t have to waste precious time cleaning various vessels as you move the brew in different ones. Not surprisingly, the ease of cleanliness is another of the impressive benefits you’d get to reap.

All you could do is choose a high-performance clean-in-place solution for the system to simplify the process, focusing on the cleanliness of the boiler, chiller, and recirculation pipe of the recirculating infusion mash system. The step-by-step process can all be done in the same vessel so which further speeds up both the brewing and the cleaning which is where the beauty of the Grainfather brewing system lies.

The Neat Accessories

If all this wasn’t enough, there are the advanced accessories this brand can supply you with. Take the aeration and whirlpooling paddle as an example. It’s designed as an attachment for electric drills and is perfect for enhancing the yeast activity in a brew. It allows for the right amount of both solids and liquids to pass through and can place the protein and hops back into suspension right before the filtering.

The stainless steel paddle doesn’t do these things, but it’s still a reliable piece of accessory because it’s made to be durable, unlike the plastic alternatives, and can serve for stirring the grains, as well as patting down the foam. The micro pipework is created to adjust the size of the internals of the vessel to make it fit for brewing small batches. The conical fermenter can be of help with seamlessly transferring the beer without having to lift the fermenter. As simple and easy as this!