The Most Popular Lights: Downlights and Their Many Advantages

Don’t let the name fool you – LED downlights have absolutely no downsides. The definition of a downlight, is a light that’s recessed into the ceiling which casts soft light down in a narrow beam. This makes them a really discreet way to add a modern touch to your home. Plus, they are very easy on the eye and feel almost like natural lighting.

LED downlights are the perfect option for illuminating your home. There’s no other lighting option quite as versatile. They can be easily installed anywhere – in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. When you buy LED downlights, you will come across different types – from fixed bright spotlights to adjustable ones, whose brightness intensity can be controlled to suit your needs.

The Most Popular Lights

If the room is large and has a high ceiling, spotlight downlights will help you illuminate it completely without leaving any dark and shadowy areas. Moreover, you can control the atmosphere in you bedroom simply by installing some adjustable LED downlights which will make the room brighter whenever you’re reading a book, or dimmer when you want to simply relax and rest your eyes.

LED downlights are an absolute must in areas with frequent traffic, such as the kitchen. They can be used simply as ceiling lighting, but they can be of greater use to you if installed as task lighting. Because they shine down in a narrow beam, you can try installing LED downlights under your upper cabinets for an increased functionality. This will directly illuminate your counter top which is very important for having a clear vision when preparing meals. Furthermore, your bathroom can also benefit from LED downlights. Having your mirror surrounded by small and soft LED downlights will offer you better visibility when performing all your grooming rituals without literally blinding you.

However, what makes LED downlights the most popular light choice for many homeowners, is that they are the ultimate cost and energy savers. They have a lifespan of more than 50 000 hours. If used for approximately 8 hours a day, this translates to almost 17 years of usage. That’s an incredible lifespan that will save you from having to frequently change light bulbs.

One LED light bulb equals 25 incandescent ones in terms of durability. Consequently, purchasing less light bulbs over time will reduce your overall cost for lighting. When you buy LED downlights, you also help protect the environment. They are free from dangerous chemicals, unlike fluorescent light bulbs which contain the much toxic mercury. LED lights are also completely recyclable and help reduce carbon emissions by a third. Make smart investments in your future!