The Most Popular Agitators And Mixers

Industrial facilities need agitators and mixers in order to get the desired homogenous mixture with high quality. Agitators and mixers have a world-wide presence and are used in almost any industry, from food, paint, cosmetics and pharmaceutical to ink and cement. The quality of the finished product mainly depends on the mixing process and the mixing equipment used. If not mixed properly, product or process would lack consistency and would not be of the required size, texture, color or shape. All agitators and mixers combine various components to produce a homogenous mixture. Today, there are many agitator manufacturers that design and produce various types of mixing equipment.


When selecting agitators and mixers, you need to pay attention to many factors, such as design, spare parts, material and others. To ensure you make the right choice it is also essential to consider the brand of agitators and mixers. Here are some of the most popular agitators and mixers makers.

Lightnin – Lightnin is the definite leader for developing mixing solutions, innovations and equipment, with over 90 years of experience. Lightnin has gained a world-wide reputation for durable and reliable agitators, mixers, aerators and flocculators for fluid process systems. The company offers a wide range of impeller designs for many different applications, agitators and mixers repair, replacement of parts and a wide network of services. Acknowledged and well-trained staff give Lightnin ability to bear any mixing challenge. Today, Lightnin agitators can be found online as well. One reliable and reputable supplier of Lightnin agitators and mixers is

Dynamix Agitators – Dynamix Agitators is a company that invents agitators and mixers for industrial use. With the understanding of customers’ needs, Dynamix Agitators produces agitators and mixers to match different requirements. The company has a mixing experience of over 45 years in which period it has successfully developed many different models of mixers, as well as agitators. The products of Dynamix Agitators are available worldwide and can suit any mixing process or application.

Marion Mixers – For horizontal blending and mixing and continuous process equipment, Marion Mixers is the No.1 option. The company is recognized all around the world and referred to as an innovative leader for providing mixing equipment. The wide range of Marion Mixers includes various agitators, chemical mixers, commercial mixers, plastic mixers, mineral mixers, drying systems, industrial mixers, recycle mixers, sanitary mixers and others. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of mixing equipment regardless of the industry, Marion Mixers stands behind each agitator and mixer model they produce.