The Most Popular Hat Style For Your Face Shape

When it comes to fashion, it has always been a woman’s thing, but men finally beat women in this one area: wearing hats! It is easy for men to wear a hat of any type, whether a baseball cap, a beach hat, or a beanie. Women find it a little difficult to choose the right type of hat because of face type, head size and hair length. Wide brim hats for women are the latest trend on the runways, but who can wear what? Here are a few suggestions on choosing the right hat style.


The shape of your face

The shape of your face does matter. We all have a different face shape thus cannot wear the same hat style or design. There are five classified face shapes and the types of hats that best suits each.

  • Round faces have outstanding jaw bones, which creates the impression of a very small face. From the wide range of wide brim hats for women, choose something with a higher crown, so it gives you the needed height for your face. Avoid anything with a low brim, as this will only emphasize the roundness.
  • Oval faces feature smooth lines, so people with this face shape are able to pull of any hat style. If you have an oval face, fancy wide brim hats for women will look perfectly on you, just like a fisherman cap will.
  • Oblong faces are long, rounded and don’t have emphasized jaw or apple bones. So for these faces a wide brim hat with a wider brim will not be as complementary. Something with a brim of shorter length and a small crown will do the work of perfectly shaping the head. Go with a bucket style hat.
  • Square faces have some really accentuated angles. To soften them, it is best to choose a hat style that features a curved silhouette to give the face some roundness.
  • Heart faces. The accent on these faces is in the chin. Do not wear wide brim hats for women. Instead choose something with a medium brim.

Your hairstyle

Generally, women with longer hair can pull of any type of hat. However, women with a neck-length hair will have some problems wearing wide brim hats for example, mostly because the face is already shaped with the hair style. So if you choose a hat with a wide brim, it will look like you have layers on your head. And that is a big fashion and beauty no-no.