Bringing Pets to Australia: What You Need to Know About Animal Quarantine

Are you considering moving to the wonderful land that is Australia and bringing your whole family with you, pets included? In that case, you’ve made a great choice. With an unemployment rate of only 5%, this country offers many amazing job opportunities and has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. In addition, it’s also one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world due to the fact that it has eradicated many infectious animal diseases such as rabies.

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However, Australia has managed to become 100% rabies-free due to the fact that it has a strict policy on animal import. Besides meeting the necessary import requirements and receiving an import permit, once your pet has arrived in the country, it is required by law to stay in quarantine for at least 10 days during which it will undergo testing to prove it doesn’t pose a biosecurity risk. This period can be even longer if there are some issues that increase the risk, like for instance if a tick is found.

It’s important to emphasize that all pets should arrive directly at Melbourne International Airport. From the airport they will be transferred to the Mickleham facility which is the only one of its kind in Australia after the animal quarantine Sydney facility closed in 2015. It’s not allowed for pets to land in another airport and travel to Melbourne on a domestic flight. With that being said, if you’re moving to another part of the country, you may want to hire a professional animal transport service to pick up your pet from the quarantine after the tests have been completed.

So, if you’re moving to Sydney for example, once the pet has completed its stay in the animal quarantine Sydney pet transport services can pick it up and bring it directly to your final destination. However, since the Mickleham facility is one of its kind, it only offers a limited number of available spots. With that being said, you need to book quarantine accommodation prior to your flight but also after you’ve received your import permit. Since the rules and regulations regarding animal import and quarantine can be time-consuming and complex, it’s recommended that you enlist the help of a licensed pet travel company.

It’s best to hire an Australian owned company that has a large network of partners which can help transport your pet from the quarantine facility to your new home in express time. This is especially convenient if you’re relocating to a place that’s considerably far from Melbourne such as Sydney. In that case, the pet travel experts can arrange a flight for your pet, pick it up from the airport and deliver it directly to your door.