The Most Popular Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

Two piece set


Trends always come and go, and it’s up to us to decide what we’re going to incorporate into our style. Yes, we always want to keep up with the times and have the latest accessories, but staying true to ourselves is the best thing we can do because it gives us a sense of belonging and helps us be recognised for who we are.

This is why it’s essential to carefully choose the fashion trends we’re going to follow. Everything can be adapted to your own style if you know the basics and are equipped with some timeless pieces of clothing.

Achieve Effortless yet Stylish Look with Co-Ord Sets

Woman in a white co-ord set


Finding the perfect co ords set will save you a lot of time when you’ve run out of ideas. This is a matching set containing upper and lower pieces of clothing made from the same fabric. It’s a fast alternative, easy to style, and you don’t need to look for pieces that go well together because you already have them. You can find a set for every season and occasion, and most importantly, you can find them to match any style. One thing is for sure, every woman needs a gorgeous co-ords set in her wardrobe that will be her go-to choice when she has “nothing to wear”.

You can wear these pieces to work. Choose a matching set of blazer and pants, and you’ve created the perfect business-casual attire. Go for wide-leg and high-waist trousers that will emphasise any figure, and pair them with a structured blazer. You can choose to wear these womens two piece sets with or without a simple top underneath. If relaxed is more your style, oversized blazers got your back. Double-breasted designs and functional front pockets can elevate the entire outfit, and thin shoulder pads and collar peaks will give you that sleek businessy look.

For partying, go with womens co ord sets that include a midi skirt. Lighter materials will accentuate your curves and you can pair the skirt with a crop top of the same material. If you want to go shorter, a mini skirt is an ideal choice. For a sophisticated evening look, choose materials like silk and leather that can take any outfit to the next level. For the upper piece, the options are endless. Besides a crop top, bralettes look really chic with anything that’s high-waisted. If you don’t want to show that much skin, choose a standard size top that you can tuck in the bottoms, thus resembling one-piece clothing.

Because this attire is usually monochromatic, you want to choose colours that suit your skin tone. For example, those with fair skin and light hair need colours that’ll bring contrast, like brown, burgundy, and navy blue.

Dabble in the Latest Trends with Pastel Colours

Lady in pastel coloured outfit


Pastel colours are an all-time favourite for spring and summer and not just this year. They have a calming effect and we all know how different colours can affect our mood. We associate pastels with comfort and security because they remind us of when we were children. The reason for this is that they’re predominant in kids’ clothes, toys, and even room décor. They make us feel lighter and happier. Warmer weather is the perfect time to bring out pastels and let them take over our wardrobe.

To successfully incorporate them into your outfit, there are several things that you should be aware of. First, try not to overdo it. Most of the time, just one or two pastel pieces are enough. Neutral tones are the perfect base for pastels, however, don’t wear a full head-to-toe pastel combination in one colour. Always try to include accessories or pieces in other colours that will make the outfit less boring and colourful. You can go for bright-coloured details that will add interest to your outfit.

Second, feel free to mix different pastel colours that complement each other. This way, you’ll have a soft yet bold look that will make you the centre of attention. But stick to clear lines and stay clear from complicated cuts that can be too much. And last, take into account your skin tone and hair when choosing pastels. Dark skin tones go better with lighter colours, while light skin tones look good with richer pastel colours. As for the hair, blondes can pull off almost any pastel colour, and brunettes should mix and match pastels with brighter tones in order not to look too pale.

Go Casual or Sophisticated with a Versatile Maxi Dress

Two women in stylish maxi dresses


Maxi dresses emerge every year in new forms and materials, and many designers try to find ways to incorporate them into their collections. They are found in all kinds of cuts that can fit any figure. They can hide anything that you want to be covered and emphasise the parts that you want to accentuate. For example, if you want to create the illusion of a smaller waist, choose models that are tighter in that area with a flowy bottom part.

There’s a maxi dress for every occasion. From a sophisticated dinner night to running errands on a hot day, you can find them in any material and style. For casual outfits, choose cotton, rayon, and linen that will keep you comfortable. You won’t have to worry about matching outfits when you have a one-piece that you can just throw on and are ready to go. For an everyday look, go for simple cuts that you can combine with sandals, flats, and trainers. You’ll create a well-put-together attire with zero effort.

For an evening look, silk and satin are the way to go. A slit on the side, deep-cut back, or deep v-neck are always welcome when it comes to evening elegance. Go full glam with a floaty, floor-sweeping design that is sure to turn heads.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and styles. You can’t know what will look good on you until you try it.