The Most Popular E Liquids Flavours

Just because it isn’t tobacco, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. However, it’s a lot more healthier than cigarettes, and it can be tastier too. Vaping! The thick, large smoke an e cigarette produces is the main reason why many hardcore cigarette smokers turn to this alternative way of consuming their dose of nicotine. And thanks to the many options the vaping industry offers today, you can choose either propylene glycol (PG) based e liquid or a vegetable glycerin (VG) based e liquid, if you’re sensitive to glycol or you simply prefer the veggie option.

Most of today’s eliquids are a 50/50 mix, and it is very hard to find a completely clean one. Particularly speaking of the VG e liquids, heavy blends are really rare, and most examples contain about 70% of vegetable glycerin. However, good blends still exist, and the most important feature about them is the flavour you taste when vaping. Here are some of the most popular blends on the market.

E Cig Girl

The Menthol E Liquid by Liberty Flights

Loving the refreshing and clean taste of menthol in your mouth? Liberty Flight’s e liquids with menthol are manufactured following only the highest manufacturing standards using only high-quality pharmaceutical nicotine and various e liquid bases. These e liquids are available in 4 nicotine levels: 2.4% nicotine presence, which is the highest and recommended only for heavy smokers; 1.8% nicotine, which has medium strength and about 15 cigarettes a day are enough; 1.2% nicotine presence are of very low strength and are good for social smokers; and the last two categories are of 0.6% and 0.0% nicotine which is very, very low and amazing if you just want to blow off some steam along with your coffee during the small cigarette break from work.

Sinking Ship by Mitten Vapors

The perfect blend of 13 ingredients allows you to feel banana, chocolate and peanut butter flavours when you inhale and a creamy, sweet taste when you exhale. Talk about a tasty sensation in your mouth! This is mainly a 50/50 of VG blend, and has some amazing reviews, which is apparent having in mind the amazing quality of the VG juice.

Two Cases by Casey Jones Mainline Reserve

This is a 90% VG mix, which puts it in the run for the best eliquid. It’s a fruit loops flavoured juice and catches the flavour of the cereal very impressively. Many users class this amazing e juice as the type of vape you can use during the entire day, so according to fans, it’s among the best vapes you’ll ever try.

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Boba’s Bounty by Alien Visions

Talk about mystery: the Boba’s Bounty e juice is notoriously known as undefined because no one can truly tell the ingredients of the blend. It’s definitely a VG blend with something that resembles a tobacco flavour. Boba’s Bounty is known as one of the best eliquids on the market, and therefore the hardest to get to and the most expensive.

A Quiet Morning by Alice in Vapeland

Alice in Vapeland offers you an unique green tea and passion fruit blend. The Quiet Morning juice is praised for its accuracy and perfect balance of fruity elements contributing to a very pleasantly-sweet aroma which is very subtle and interesting as an all-day-vape.