Keeping Up with Popular Interior Designs: How To Create a Scandinavian Inspired Dining Room

If you love savouring your meals in absolute peace and serenity, undisturbed by any clutter around you, then you’ll love the calmness that a Scandinavian inspired dining room provides. As a matter of fact, it seems that most Australian homeowners love it too, if we judge by the fact that the Scandinavian style is the hottest interior design trend right now. It comes as no surprise though as it is the ultimate symphony of simplicity and elegance – a blend of natural purity and subtle colours that make any space more inviting. The best thing about it is that it can be incorporated in any dining room, be it large or small. Here’s how you can transform your own!

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Start with the Table

In order for a dining room to serve its purpose, it needs to have the right dining table as its centrepiece. The Scandinavian dining table furniture range mainly consists of pieces made of fine natural wood that captures the distinct earthy vibe of the style such as oak, walnut or ash. However, many Scandi dining tables can be often complemented with metal legs or other small metallic features if you’re after a more modern vibe. As far as the table’s shape is concerned, Nordic design embraces sleek, straight geometrical lines free of patterns or bold textures. When it comes to the table, there’s only one strict guideline worth following: the simpler – the better.

Spark Interest with Unique Chairs

While it’s true that Scandinavian is all about minimalism, this doesn’t mean that everything has to be boring. It’s the simple backdrop that allows you to introduce stylish pieces that spark interest, like for instance, some sculptural chairs. As a lovely antithesis to the rectangular table, you can incorporate fun chairs in curved shapes. The Eams Rar, the bentwood, and the wishbone chairs are all good candidates for a Scandi-inspired design theme. If you want to give your dining setting a subtle playfulness, try to mix and match the chairs by choosing the same design in different colours that are on the neutral or pastel spectrum.

Stick to a Palette of Neutrals

Much of the appeal of a Scandi-inspired dining room comes from the paired-down, neutral tones that ooze serenity. Wooden dining table furniture sets in a putty grey or dark brown finish give a room warmth, while white-washed walls serve as a peaceful backdrop. If you want to make a statement, a single accent wall in black or another dark hue can give the dining room a more edgy appearance without feeling too overwhelming.

Let There Be Light

The purpose of the white walls is quite simple – to make the space look brighter, the atmosphere lighter and ultimately – the room more spacious. Having large windows can be the winning combo in this case, however, if you don’t have them, do not despair. Scandinavian style also embraces sleek lighting fixtures ranging from mid-century ceramic pendants, to industrial-looking brass chandeliers. If you have a large dining room with a high ceiling, hanging an imposing chandelier over the dining table will help guide the focus there.