The Most Popular Dog Accessories Every Dog Parent Should Have

Every dog owner knows that their furry pal is a part of the family, not just an animal they adopted. Dogs are there for us. They bring us joy, improve our mood, and impact our quality of life. They’re often our comfort, and we’d do anything to keep them safe and secure. Most dog parents do their best to give their puppy a comfortable life by buying high-quality dog clothing, beds, food and medicine. Here are some other pet accessories that will make your and your furry friend’s life easier.

Travel Bed


If you’re a frequent traveller and like to take your dog with you, a travel bed is necessary. Some will probably think of using the bed they have at home, but that’s not the best choice. Travel beds are created for that purpose and differ from regular, in-home beds. Your pup needs to be comfortable while you drive. This means you need to buy a bed where it can stretch and turn without restraints. Measure your dog’s weight and length and add around 10cm plus, so you’ll get the right sizing.

The travel bed is one of those practical pet accessories, so choose something compact and easy to pack. When you’re travelling, the last thing you want to do is carry around a big bulky dog bed that’s hard to pack. The bed will also get dirty a lot, so you should get one that’s easy to clean and maintain. It also needs to be durable to withstand all of the cleanings and transport from one place to another. Think about the way your dog sleeps. Do they want to cuddle, move a lot, or lean against something? Consider this and choose a bed that suits them the most.

If your dog sleeps in a crate at home, a bed won’t be a good option. It’ll be difficult for them to fall asleep; they’ll twist, turn and be restless. In this case, a travel kennel would be a better option. Dogs, just as humans, are creatures of habit, so before going on your first trip, test the bed. Let them sleep in it for a couple of weeks, so they get used to it. That way, the dog will be rested, happy and ready for the adventures that await.

Drinking Bowl


This may seem like a trivial thing to some dog owners, and they’ll choose any bowl they see first. But this shouldn’t be the case because not all dog bowls are the same. It’s an everyday item they’ll use for a long time, and it should be made from high-quality materials and be the right size and height. If the bowl is too small, the dog might stay hungry or dehydrate. If the bowl is too big for your dog, it may have difficulty eating, and it’ll put its paws inside to reach the food.

Height is also important. Owners usually don’t have a problem with shorter breeds, but this can be an issue when it comes to tall dogs. You can buy bases with adjustable heights to make the feeding easier. For flat-faced dogs, shallow and wide bowls are perfect, and for dogs with floppy ears, deep and narrow bowls will do the trick.

Plastic Bowls

These bowls come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are very budget-friendly. They can be challenging and won’t break easily if you drop them from the counter. Some are easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher, but they’re not recommended for every dog breed. Some dogs will chew and scratch it, creating crevices for bacteria and dirt to accumulate.

Ceramic Bowl

This can be a very stylish bowl to complement your interior and style. Some of them can have interesting and fun designs such as funny phrases, pictures or symbols. The glaze they’re coated in makes them easy to clean. But the downside is their durability. They can easily get damaged, chipped, or cracked. So be careful how you handle them.

Stainless Steel Bowls

This is the top choice for most dog owners, and for a good reason. They’re durable and easy to clean. Won’t break when you drop them and often have a rim that prevents sliding. They may be simple in design with not much colour to choose from, but their practicality and high quality make them one of the most amazing pet accessories.

Travel Mat


Travel mats are even more convenient than travel beds. They are compact, light and easy to pack. You can leave them in the boot or anywhere in the house because they don’t take up much space. Some are water-resistant and waterproof, which can be very convenient for dogs. A day at the beach will no longer be a problem for you. These mats can come in many colours and patterns. Some of them can even be personalised so that you can put your dog’s name or a funny saying on them.

There are plastic mats to keep your pup cool during the warm summer months by allowing the air to flow. You can use these mats outside of the car as well. They’ll calm the dog in a café or a restaurant, keep them from shedding fur on the plane, or it can provide a comfort zone for it when you take them to the office for the first time.



Not all collars are created the same, and that’s a fact. It should be comfortable and adequately sized for every dog. It should be something you buy and lasts for a long time. You have thousands of choices in material, size, colour and pattern, but there are just a few that will fit your dog the right way. The first thing is to measure your dog’s neck. Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around where the collar will sit. You can also do it with a string and transfer the measurement on a ruler if you don’t have the tape. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath it. This way, you’ll know it’s the right size, and it won’t strangle the dog.

The flat-buckle collars are the most popular ones. They are simple to put on and can have reflective tape for those late-night walks or fun patterns and colours. Martingale collars are made for dogs with slick necks or small heads. Choke collars will tighten around the neck of the dog when pulled. But they’re not safe for usage, and one wrong move can lead to injuries. Prong collars work on a similar principle and are used in later training in strong, bulky dogs with obedience issues.