Dressing Dogs is Popular: Here’s How to Do It Right

To protect your pet from rain, snow or extreme temperature, some form of clothing is a must. Dog clothes are also designed to enhance your dog’s looks and make him look more adorable. Even though some people might find dressing dogs weird and unnecessary, many pet owners understand the need for giving an extra layer of protection to their fluffy friends.

Having in mind that your dog is probably spending most of the time in a warm and cosy apartment, it might be difficult for him to adapt to the changing weather conditions outside. Every dog can benefit from clothing protection, especially short hair dogs, older or sick dogs.

When shopping for clothes for dogs, consider the following factors to help you make the perfect decision for your fuzzy best friend.

dog with blue coat

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Dog Coats

These are the most popular and most commonly used pieces of clothes for dogs. A jacket made of a waterproof material with multiple layers can protect your dog against wind and frost, as well as rain and snow.

There are many fasting systems to choose from: velcro straps, zippers and snap buttons. You can also find dog coats in different colours. This outfit is the best choice for active dogs that want long winter walks or want to play in the snow. However, there is nothing wrong with buying a coat for your dog just as a fashion accessory, to play dress up and take pictures for Instagram.

Dog Costumes

Dog costumes are great for getting a good laugh at parties and home, as well as making your dog the centre of everyone’s attention at the dog park. You can dress your chihuahua like a panda, and your pomeranian like a dinosaur. A lovely costume made of cotton material is also suitable for keeping your dog warm in the winter.

Choose an eye-catching four-legged pull over design that is comfortable but also easy to put on.

dog wearing pink hoodie

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Dog Hoodies

Dog hoodies are a good idea for transitional periods (spring and autumn). They often don’t cover the entire back of the dog and end right behind the kidneys, providing comfort and freedom of movement. Hoodie can also provide a stylish and fashionable look. The various designer accessories such as writings, patches or embroidery make it easy for your dog to stand out of the crowd.

Choose a cute hoodie with cut out holes for the ears to make your dog extra adorable.

Size & Fit

Since dog clothes are available in many sizes, choosing the right size should be easy. To select what’s appropriate for your dog, measure the length between the back of your dog’s neck to the end of the tail. Be careful to choose pieces that are not too tight, or too loose, to avoid your dog being uncomfortable.

Tip: Choose dog clothes that don’t go past the waist, so you dog doesn’t get soiled whenever he has to do his business.


Since you only want the best for your dog, always choose dog apparel made of high-quality material, like cotton and fleece. 100 % cotton apparel is exceptionally comfortable, while multiple layers of fleece will keep him warm. For rainy days, choose clothes made from polyester or polyester blends that are water-resistant.

Tip: Select clothes that are easy to wash. If it’s safe to throw them in the washing machine, you have made the right choice.

little brown dog wearing cotton summer shirt with black and white stripes

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Your dog should not feel restricted while wearing clothes. Pay attention to how your dog acts in different outfits – if your dog doesn’t mind walking in a coat, but is not happy in pyjamas, don’t force the pyjamas. Don’t forget that dogs only have glands on the bottom of their pads so they can overheat in hot weather. Even if you think an outfit looks cute, don’t put warm clothing in hot weather. Choose simple, comfortable clothes that you can always accessorise with bandanas, belts and other adds-on.


Similar to when buying clothes for babies, you need to be careful as dogs also tend to rip off buttons, bows or pockets. Clothes for dogs usually come with buttons, zippers or velcro. Velcro is considered to be the safest option, as it is easy to fasten, and the possibility of your dog getting injured is minimal this way. You can consider buying outfits with buttons only if your dog is older, used to wearing clothes and doesn’t try to rip things off his clothes ever.

Clothes with zippers might not be the safest option, since there is a chance of it getting stuck in your dogs’ fur.


If you are one of the many dog owners who like to stand out with their dogs, the design factor is also essential for you to consider. There are various kinds of dresses, t-shirts, hats and scarves can serve this purpose perfectly. As long as you prioritise you dog’s comfort and safety, there’s no harm in dressing your dog up in stylish and matchy outfits so you can twin on Instagram.

The most important thing to remember is to let the dog get used to the new item. The best way is to start using dog clothes when your dog is still a puppy and make it a form of a play. This way, he won’t associate it with any discomfort or pain.