The Most Popular Cell Phone Car Mounts for 2015

The best way to secure your cell phone while traveling in your car is to use a car mount. Today’s models of smart phones are must-have features of every car. They are functional and super versitile as every model, regardless of the brand, offers GPS, music, easy urgent calls, social media during the red sign and more. Of course, to ensure safety on the road, hands-free cellphone use is more than recommended. For this you need a mount.

Seeing and controlling the cell phone mounted on a car mount is easier than you could imagine. And is way safer. Car mounts are securely fixed to the dash, the cup holder, the floor or the windshield, so they cannot fall when you hit a bump. Of course not all cellphone car mounts perform well in such situations. Here are a few most popular ones.

Arkon Smartphone & Tablet Windshield Mount


Arkon is one of the world’s most reliable brands for phone, tablet and GPS car mounts. The Arkon Smartphone & Tablet Windshield Mount is our first and best choice for mounting cell phones in car. Completely adjustable and suitable for holding Apple iPhones, iPads, Andorid tablets and Android smartphones, this car mount is really special. It features a sturdy and long extension arm that is suitable for any car, truck or van. This mount is definitely the best of Arkon mounts online selection.

Nite Ize Steelie


he Nite Ize Steelie is one of the most attractive phone car mounts, as it is made from two components: a phone socket and a ball mount. The ball mount is installed on the car dash, and the magnetic phone socket on the phone. Nite Ize Steelie doesn’t even look like a car mount, as it uses magnetic field to keep your cell phone secure while driving.

Amzer AMZ93343 Removable Sticky Dash Mount

If you are using a rented, but still want to use your cell phone, the Amzer removable sticky dash car mount is your perfect choice. This universal mount is large enough to hold any device up to 30 centimeters, while it can also be adjusted and rotated for landscape viewing. Despite the fact that the polyurethane adhesive is extremely secure, it can be easily removed, without leaving marks or scratches.

iOttie One -Touch


To secure your cell phone in your car with only one easy touch, you need the iOttie One-Touch car mount. It has a trigger button that once pressed, locks your cell phone firmly onto it. The iOttie One-Touch car mount has a mounting system that works both on your dash (with a suction cup) or attached on the inside windshield. Also, this mount is completely adjustable, so you can turn your phone from horizontal to vertical easily. This car mount is ideal for iPhones.

Whether it is a quick call or organizing an important meeting with your assistant, talking on your cellphone while driving is extremely dangerous. It distracts your attention from the road putting you and other participants in the traffic at great risk. To ensure safety on the road get a car mount. For your convenience, you can buy iOttie, Amzer, Nite Ize and Arkon mounts online.