The Most Popular Car Floor Mat Types

Car Floor Mats

I bought my Seat Leon back in 2014 and the joy of having it still hasn’t faded away. Its line bears te Spanish charm, whereas its engine is a powerful German machine. It is just… Auto Emocion! Honestly, I love my car and I take great pleasure in taking good care of it, especially when it comes to buying a wide range of accessories, such as phone holder, Navigation, new sport seat covers and car floor mats and it’s not an overstatement if I say I’m practically a walking buying guide for these items. In this article though, I will focus on car floor mats alone.

Car Floor Mats 2

Purchasing a new car floor mats is somewhat similar to buying a new flooring or furniture for your home – it can change the look and feel of the car. There are three popular types of car floor mats: carpet, rubber and cargo.

Carpet Mats

If you prefer the classic look, then this is the style for you (and me). But don’t let elegance fool you, this type still offers enough protection! These mats are great shield from the harsh Australian climate since they offer great UV protection. What’s more, there is a wide range of finishes to choose from, especially designed to match the vehicle’s interior. Also, car mat manufacturers offer different types of options that include sporty designs, extra-thick mats that protect against accidental spills and much more. Even though there are some drawbacks, as not offering enough protection against soiling agents (wet weather) there is still an easy solution to clean them. This features makes them one of the most popular types of car floor mats in Australia.

Rubber Mats

For those who live in humid areas, the most reliable solution for their car floor is the rubber car floor mat. This mat provides great protection against rain, accidental spills, dirt and stains. Their design is generally molded and sometimes ribbed thus offering a better underneath protection. Just like carpet mats, rubber ones can be personalized and also come in a wide range of colours and patters. For instance, you can even have your cat mat “scream” your favourite sports team!

Cargo Liners

Last, but not least are the cargo liners. They are especially for the cargo space for those who often use their vehicle to transport goods. These are designed to provide the cargo space from staining and damaging agents.

Personally, I use carpet floor mats since it adds the much needed elegance to the sporty look and it intensified the already present mixture of these two styles. In other words, it offers me both personalized aesthetics and protection.