The Most Popular Worship Songwriters

What a better way to celebrate and worship God then through amazing soul and spiritual songs. People connect with each other through these songs and gives them strength to overcome obstacles in life. Since technology is so innovative these days and mass marketing so popular, Christian songs have wider ranger of audience and give back the faith to people. Such worship songs that touch the hearts of thousands of people are Ten thousand reasons, Glorious Day, I will Follow You, Our God, I lift My Hands and many others that topped the most popular worship songs list. Many talented songwriters lift our faith with their inspirational worship songs. Here are some of the most popular worship songwriters.


Matt Redman – The songs of this worship songwriter can be heard in many churches around the country on Sunday morning. The songs, such as ”My soul will sing your praise”, ”You never let go”, ”Better is one day”, ”Ten thousand reasons”, help people connect with God. ” Ten thousand reasons” is Matt’s most popular worship song that has helped people accept the will of God and has given them the faith in a better tomorrow.

Jeremy Camp – After he lost his wife, Jeremy Camp found consolation in writing worship songs to express his journey of faith. Jeremy is known after the most heartfelt and best-loved songs that melt everyone’s heart. Even though he lost his wife, through his songs he teaches us to believe and have faith in things we don’t actually see. Songs like ” I still believe”, ”There will be a day”, ” Speaking louder than before” are only some of the most powerful songs he ever wrote. Beside Matt’s ”Ten thousand reasons” Jeremy’s songs are just another way to touch people’s hearts and make them believe.

Nicole.C.Mullen – Nicole’s ” I know my redeemer lives” is one of the most common worship song that can be heard on all radio stations, YouTube and in churches. The song echoes the words of the Old Testament and same as Matt’s ”Ten thousand reasons”, this Nicole’s songs teaches us to receive God’s will without questioning his reasons.

Chris Tomlin – Tomlin’s ” Holy is the lord” is another popular song that can be heard in churches these days. You will find strength in the words of Tomlin who teaches people to praise God and believe in his great heart. Tomlin’s songs ”Jesus Messiah”, ”Our God”, ”Made to worship” are only part of his rich collection that inspire people to worship and believe in God.

Amy Grant – Known as the ”Queen of Christian Pop”, Amy is another popular worship songwriter that wrote many hear touching and inspiring worship songs. Songs like ”El Shaddai” and ”Angels” are some of her more popular songs written in the 80’s that continue to have the strong influence. Her latest album is ” How Mercy Looks From Here”.