The Most Popular Black Wedding Shoes for Non-Traditional Brides

A big bravo to all those brides who want to don black shoes with their wedding gown instead of the traditional white or nude styles! 

Can You Wear Black Shoes with a Bridal Dress?

Can You Wear Black Shoes with a Bridal Dress?

If you have any doubts about whether you should wear black shoes on your big day, we are here to tell you that you can and should rock them. Although all-white wedding attire appears to be the norm in Western culture, there is no requirement that you do so on your special day. In fact, a pair of stylish black wedding shoes will add a unique dose of personality to your special day attire. 

Closed Toe or Open Toe Shoes

A closed-toe wedding shoe is recommended for cooler climates, while open-toe wedding shoes are much better for warmer wedding days. Closed-toe shoes are more common at black-tie weddings, but they are not required. However, you should keep an open mind when it comes to closed-toe and open-toe shoes. The decision should be based on comfort and overall style. Also, look at your dressy shoe collection in your closet before you go shoe shopping.

The Right Heel for All Day Wear

black heels, which also applies to their wedding day.

Dressing up for many women involves a great pair of black heels, which also applies to their wedding day. Many others, however, prefer the ease of a pair of flats. Aside from style and comfort, the height of your future spouse may play a role in determining the height of your heels. Ideally, you should choose a height you are comfortable with, although some brides want to try something new. Just make sure you break them in correctly!

1-2 inches heels are a good option if you’re not comfortable walking in high heels but still want a lift. Consider a kitten heel for a delicate feminine touch or a block heel for ultimate stability and balance. 

On the other hand, 3-4 inches is probably the height most people think of when they think of heels, and it’s a good, safe choice for brides who aren’t afraid of wearing pumps. If you regularly wear heels to work or as a wedding guest, these will likely work fine on the big day.

5-6 inches black wedding shoes are only recommended if you regularly wear heels that are this high. They look fantastic, but the extreme angle they create is not suitable for beginners. If you want to look taller, consider wearing shoes with a platform to relieve the pressure on your feet.

What About Flats?!

There are no rules when it comes to shoes on your wedding day! You can wear whatever you want, including flats. In terms of style, the toe of the shoe will be far more important than the heel. When you are standing at the altar, you will not see your wedding shoes; however, when you take a step forward, you will see the toe of the shoe.
Many brides prefer wearing flats since they’re the most popular comfortable shoes or just because of their fiancé’s height. However, brides were hesitant to wear wedding flats in the past because they were not the most attractive. As wedding flat shoe options have greatly improved over the years, more and more brides choose to wear fun and chic black flats instead of elegant heels! 

Lace, Beading or Clean Wedding Shoes?!

Lace, Beading or Clean Wedding Shoes?!

The style of your wedding shoes should complement your overall wedding attire! Therefore, if your hem is sparkly, you should go for statement sparkly shoes. Consider a clean pump, open-toe or soft lace if the dress is made of a clean satin or crepe fabric. Try on a lace shoe if the dress is lace. If you can’t find a fabric that goes well with the dress, a clean shoe is your best bet. The only time you should skip the clean shoe is if your ceremony and reception will be held outside. Because the shoes may become extremely dirty, they may only be worn once.

Latest Wedding Shoes Trends

Block Heel Sandals 

The black heeled sandals are a practical shoe for your big day, with a block heel for added comfort. However, just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they won’t stand out. A pair with a thin strap across the front and metallic accents will look sophisticated and add a bit of flare.

Strap Sandals 

You’ll be the belle of the ball with a pair of black strap sandals. With a lustrous black satin bow that wraps around the foot, these stiletto black wedding heels will most certainly add to your bridal look.

Black Suede Leather Heeled Sandals 

Black Suede Leather block heels shoes will both look great and provide ultimate comfort on your big day, especially If you’ll be hosting a reception with lots of dancing planned!

Black Suede Pumps 

Besides being a great addition to your stunning bridal look, the best thing about pumps is that they’re a basic item you can wear again and again long after your wedding day passes.

Heeled Mules 

If you’re looking for a fabulous pair of shoes with a wide fit on your wedding day, chic mules with flared heels will add a unique touch to your wedding-day look. Their affordable price also makes them a great option if you’re looking for black shoes to wear with a bridesmaid dress.