The Most Popular Aromas: Infuse Your Home with Soulful Energy

The different types of scents possess undeniable power, so much that with many of them, in many situations, you’re just a sniff away from feeling more relaxed, or reminded of the past. All of this occurs mainly due to the fact that scents stimulate the olfactory nerves, thus producing an emotional and physical response. One of the best ways to make use of this power is with incense sticks. But then a question naturally arises: Which scent are the most beneficial ones? Well, let’s take a look.

Lavender for Cleansing

If you need to refresh your body and calm your mind, lavender is your go-to incense. It relieves stress and can help you fall into a deep sleep which is why it is recommended for people who suffer from insomnia. It is a very powerful scent so, only one incense stick would suffice. It is also used for healing rituals and meditation.

Sandalwood for Serenity

The scent of sandalwood creates feelings of well-being and calmness. It encourages a warmer and a quieter sense of relaxation. The sandalwood incense sticks are believed to have healing powers associated with removing negativity. This is why they are commonly used in Buddhist temples. So, in order to create a spiritual atmosphere in your home, you need sandalwood. Along with the sticks, you can also get a unique incense sticks holder for an even more authentic experience.


Nag Champa for Spiritual Awareness

It originated in India but quickly became the most popular incense fragrance all over the world. It helps one relax into a meditative state more easily. This heavenly blend of floral scents will awaken your spirit and help you keep yourself grounded in the here and now.

incense sticks2

Jasmine for Happiness

It is believed that jasmine helps in the fight against depression due to its calming properties. Burning jasmine in your home will help you feel uplifted. It even creates a sensual atmosphere when combined with musk and exotic spices. It also makes you alert, which prevents you from indulging in negative emotions.

Pine for Fighting Anxiety

If you are looking for a wintery scent that reminds of Christmas, pine is your best choice. It evokes calming feelings and puts your mind in a complete state of relaxation. Let this scent take you on a relaxing stroll in an imaginary evergreen forest and simply melt away the stress accumulated during the day.

Chamomile for Warmth

The world’s best medicine in the shape of a flower. This scent evokes warm and calming feelings, similar to drinking a cup of nighttime tea.