Tasty and Popular Gifts for the Beer Lover in Your Life

For beer lovers, there’s no bigger or better hobby than something to do with beer. That doesn’t mean enjoying a six-pack, but rather being interested in everything that’s related to beer, from making it to getting it in the can or glass, and even collecting items that are related to it. This is what becoming and being a beer buff is all about!

These are the best people to have around because they’ll always be ready for parties, and even if you don’t have this fizzy drink in your fridge at all times, they’d always bring some along with them. Want to go off to some faraway places but don’t have the company? They’ll join you on the quest for new and exciting craft beers. Whatever it is, they’re your buddies!

Now, if you happen to have one in your life, it may be both easy and difficult at the same time to come up with a meaningful gift for them. Easy because you know the gift should be beer-related, and difficult because they may already have it. If you’re all out of ideas, here are some popular gifts you can choose to surprise them with next time the occasion calls for it:

Craft Beer Hamper

Craft beer hamper
Source: brewquets.com.au

There’s always something new in the world of craft beer – and that’s a great thing both for your giftee and you as a gifter. If you can’t surprise them with a trip somewhere, then why not treat them to a special IPA beer hamper that could allow them to travel taste-wise.

No matter what the occasion may be, whether it’s Father’s Day or their birthday, Christmas or Easter, Valentine’s Day or a wedding, or just about any regular day, there are various options of packs you can pick from with the certainty they would amaze the beer buddy. There are different selections, like packs of 6, 12 and 24 craft beers, as well as limited editions of Australia’s finest, so there’s plenty to pick from to treat your bud’s taste buds with something special! In case you’re also dealing with a foodie, there are some additional hampers with tasty snacks like crackers and cheeses to accompany the drink.

There’s something in it for the fans of acidic flavours, there are options for the lovers of fruity notes too, and there are even choices of beer hampers that are alcohol free for guilt-free enjoyment. Top them off with cards filled with lovely messages for a nice finishing touch and you’re done. If this isn’t special enough for you, you could also subscribe them to an incredible monthly or yearly craft beer journey so they could keep receiving different choices of this amazing ale. Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving they’re not likely to forget any time soon!

Craft Beer Kit

Craft beer kit
Source: williams-sonoma.com

Just because they’re crazy about beer doesn’t mean they’re necessarily crazy about making it themselves and that’s when the carefully chosen IPA beer hamper would do. Be sure to find out if they’re into brewing before deciding to buy a kit that’s got all the recipes, cookbooks and equipment they need to start this new hobby. If you get the green light on this kind of present, then the next step would be to learn how to choose a kit he or she would like.

There are basic kits made for beginners that include all the essential pieces they require in terms of ingredients and equipment to get them prepared. Most basic kits consist of a fermenter, CO2 venting system, gauge, bottles and caps, labels, spigot, thermometer and hydrometer, cleaner and sanitiser, hops, yeast, grains or pale ale recipes. Not only are they varied, but they’re affordable too, and they don’t take up much space, so even if they decide homebrewing isn’t their thing it’s still worth every penny.

Beer Cooler Table

Beer cooler table
Source: costco.co.uk

If you always spend time in the beer buff’s backyard, and want to contribute to all the hospitality, then this might be the perfect present you can surprise them with. A cooler that doubles as a cool outdoor table is a welcome addition because it’s compact yet useful and comes in handy with keeping the beer fresh and cold, and most importantly at hand for the beer lover to enjoy.

With a design that could fit a great deal of ice, it’s perfect for backyard parties over BBQ. Some designs are so advanced they give you the chance to control the temperature and keep the drink chilled when you need it. Choose the colour so it would match the rest of the surroundings and blend in nicely with the other furnishings, fill it up with ice, throw in the cans of the IPA beer hamper and wait to see the huge smile on the recipient’s face.

Best of all, this kind of furniture can serve its purpose even indoors when the backyard season is closed for the winter. Seriously, what more could a beer lover want?!