Teeth Implants: Find the Happiness You Deserve Right Under Your Nose

They say the best accessory you could possibly wear is your smile. And for a good reason – a genuine smile costs nothing and still helps you connect with people easier while also spreading positive vibes. Nevertheless, many people find themselves ashamed of smiling too often because of their either bad teeth alignment or missing teeth which make them have less confidence than they actually should. Luckily, the modern technology in dentistry has come a long way, and today there is a simple solution to missing teeth – the majesty of teeth implants.


Teeth implants are strong and stable and they are such a great solution to missing teeth as they can give the tooth its initial shape, making it feel and function 100% like a natural tooth. Other solutions can lead to tooth deterioration and can get in the way of smiling, eating and speaking, as well as other activities of everyday life. Implants are the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth.

Furthermore, they are a long-term solution and are built to last. While other tooth replacement solutions can last up to 10 years, at some point they’ll still have to be replaced. However, when it comes to teeth implants, this isn’t the case – they’ll stay in your mouth probably for the rest of your life. At most, you will need to have them adjusted once in a while, but that’s it.

Thanks to implants, you won’t have to feel uncomfortable in public and put your hand across your mouth when smiling, or worse case scenario – avoiding smiling at all. You will no longer have to be embarrassed because your smile looks different, or worry about teeth loosening or falling when you eat, talk or laugh. Moreover, your face will retain its natural shape, since missing tooth can make it appear saggy and sad.

Besides for aesthetic purposes, tooth implants have a positive impact on your health as well. Empty spaces in your mouth that are left due to tooth loss can often times lead to more health issues. When not supported by a tooth, the jawbone can deteriorate, losing its firmness and strength. Dental implants are the only missing tooth solution that stimulates and preserves the natural bone, helping bone growth and preventing bone loss.

Other dental solutions include grinding away teeth on either one or both sides of the missing tooth, damaging healthy teeth in the process of restoring the missing ones because that’s how the healthy teeth support the bridge. On the other hand, dental implants go directly in the jawbone, in the same spot where the missing tooth was. However, dental implants don’t impact the nearby healthy teeth, and in fact, prevent them from shifting as they would if there was a missing tooth next to them for a prolonged period of time.