Catch Some Zzzs: What Makes Electric Adjustable Beds So Popular

Let’s be honest, when it comes to sleeping, most of us tend to neglect it in some way. Whether from not having enough time or not getting quality sleep because of many different reasons. In 2016, a sleep study survey documented that 33-45% of adults in Australia have sleep problems. So, how do we change that? 

Doing some research might lead you to information that switching your pillows and sheets to a higher quality material will fix all your sleeping problems. This is partially true, swapping your old ones to bamboo sheets, for example, will improve your sleep but it won’t fix the main problem causing sleeping discomfort. That being, improper sleeping positions. 

Because changing your sleeping patterns is not something you can do overnight, many people have found a solution in replacing their old mattresses with ergonomic beds electric adjustable models. 

What Are Adjustable Beds? 

woman laying on a adjustable bed

An adjustable bed is one that can be altered to a variety of sleeping positions based on the user’s preference or need. Modern beds electric adjustable types include one to four motorized hinges that allow certain parts of the bed to be lifted and lowered independently of one another. Via remote control, by elevating different parts, you can easily customise the bed to your preferred position. 
Although adjustable bed categories differ from normal mattress types, you may still pick from a variety of sizes ranging from twin to king. While most come in standard sizes, there are options for customers with particular needs or preferences. Not only do they bring you precious comfort and alter to your needs, but they can help you improve your sleep and overall health in numerous other ways. Here are some benefits that have been confirmed by experts and long-term users.

Pain Relief 

woman laying on a adjustable bed

Back and Neck Pain  

Since your adjustable bed can be positioned in a way that uniquely fits you, it provides a sleeping surface for the back that will support the spine by relieving strain on the sciatic nerve. When the bed is in this stance, it is possible to sleep comfortably on one’s back as the surface contours to the body as closely as possible. You can also place your neck at a proper angle to avoid morning stiffness.

Chronic Pain 

An electric adjustable bed can help with chronic arthritis and other conditions that cause pain. Stiff and painful joints can be relieved by repositioning the mattress so that weight is removed from sensitive spots, allowing for an improved night’s sleep.

Improved Blood Circulation

woman relacing on a adjustuble bed

By settling in a position where both your arms and legs are elevated, you’re enhancing the speed of your blood flow which results in better circulation. This causes your heart muscle to work harder, allowing more blood to reach your extremities. 
Beds with dual motors enable you to slightly elevate your feet over your heart, which assists your veins in contracting properly. Leading to reduced swelling of the feet, a problem that many adults and elders often face due to the nature of today’s work industry.

Fixing Breathing-Related Issues

baby sleeping happy


One of the most common problems causing sleep disruption is snoring. There are many factors that can cause this condition and an improper sleeping position is one of them. By sleeping on a fully flat surface, more pressure is put on your windpipe causing it to close and not work properly, leading to snoring and therefore, disrupting your and your partner’s sleep. By elevating your upper body, you eliminate the pressure on your windpipe and open up your airways.  

Sleep Apnea and Asthma

Since adjusting the bed frame into an angled position improves your airflow, reclining beds are a great help to people suffering from sleep apnea and/or asthma. There is no shortage of airflow which decreases the likelihood of an asthma attack.

Helping to Treat Insomnia

man laying in a adjustable bed

Insomnia is a chronic sleep disorder that affects about 1 in 10 people in Australia. It can make it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up too soon and be unable to go back to sleep. If you’re an individual that’s suffering from this disorder, either short term or long term, switching to an electric adjustable bed could help you lessen or even get rid of this problem. 
By eliminating the possible problems caused by improper sleeping positions that we listed above, you increase the odds of reaching your prime position and getting that quality sleep. The customizable base offers many different position options which can help you in reaching your ultimate comfort without hours of tossing and turning.

Easier Mobility

man and woman sleeping on a bed

People who have difficulties getting into or out of bed because of chronic health problems can benefit from adjustable bed frames, which is quite significant. Regardless of whether that obstacle is caused due to old age, a specific injury or some other reason. With just a click of a button, you can adapt the electric bed to a position that makes it easier to get in or out of bed. 

Added Delights

Imagine coming home tired and cold, after a long day at work, and resting in a warm bed that also relaxes your sore muscles by giving you a massage. Sounds like heaven, right? Lucky for you, some electronic beds have built-in heating and massage options. So even if you might not have any type of sleeping related problems (which is unlikely), indulging in self-care relax time would be beneficial to your mental and physical health. 

To Sum Up 

adjustable bed

For many years, adjustable beds were thought to be only for the elderly or people with mobility difficulties. While this was once their main function, adjustable beds have increased in popularity and may help individuals of all ages in terms of health and lifestyle. 
If you’re searching for a bed that that can bring you positive changes in your everyday life, an adjustable bed is a fantastic option. In addition to all the health benefits, it is simple to use and will allow you to find the ideal sleeping position for you. By making this change, you can put an end to your nights of restless sleep.