Tree Stump Removal: Why Hiring Professionals Is the Safe Choice

Removing tree stumps might be the best financial decision. It doesn’t matter if you need to clear the area and plant or build something different, or if you want it removed for safety reasons. You can choose between tree stump grinding and tree stump removal. Both are efficient methods but if you want to do it as safely and efficiently as possible, you should hire professionals since they have the relevant training and experience.

What’s Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding


You’ve most probably heard of the term stump grinding, but do you know what it is exactly? In short, it involves removing a tree’s stump while leaving the roots underground. The main tool used to do this is a machine called a stump grinder.

Doing this is not an easy task, so you should always hire professional tree roots removal services to help you get it done. They know how to get it done, and have the knowledge and tools to do it. They can take the stamp out or leave it in the ground depending on your preferences.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

You might be tempted into doing this task on your own, but believe it, it’s not easy and can take you a lot of time, money and effort. In the end, you might not do it right and it was all in vain. If you use the tools incorrectly or do not have the necessary knowledge, a lot of things can go wrong. Also, it’s much cheaper to hire professionals, than to buy expensive equipment, maintain it, replace its parts or even buy new tools once in a while.


First of all, you should always check with your local municipality, because sometimes they need to grant you permission to get a tree root removed. If you’re not sure about the safety regulations, you should consult with professional arborists. They’ll know what’s the next step and in which direction.

They’ll give you the best guidance on your unique situation. They have the training and knowledge to handle tricky and complex situations. They know what to do and how to react in case there’s some gas pipe damage, electrical wires in the way or tangled or if the machine breaks.


Arborists go through proper training and education to get this title and a job in the field. The first thing they do is go through a traineeship in Horticulture. With each course they take they upgrade their apprenticeship and the level of knowledge and experience they get.

Recently, the AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) issued the Australian Arborist Industry Licence. Every arborist has to have it. When the people you hire have this, you know you leave the tree and your yard in the right hands.

Because of their experience, these people won’t put you or your property at risk. There will be no broken or damaged boards, windows, buildings, tiles and trees. You as well will be safe. The stump grinding process requires precision. The combination of art and science these professionals have gives them the precision needed to do it. You will get seasoned professionals working diligently without facing any negative consequences.


Expert grinders have all the necessary equipment to do the job the right way. This includes large, hefty machinery that needs careful handling. Managing them needs skill and might be challenging for people who don’t know what they’re doing. The main machine, known as a stump grinder, has large rotating blades that grind the stump into small wood chips.

This is not a job you can do with any other tool because it’s very precise and efficient. This machine will also get rid of debris. It handles it the right way, so no one gets hurt during the process. Arborists also have the proper PPE gear for the job. It protects the most vulnerable parts of the human body such as hands, eyes, legs, head and face.

Good Aesthetics

Landscape after stump removal


Getting rid of the tree and leaving the stump behind, visible to everyone, is not a pretty sight. It can visually destroy the whole area and make it look messy. Once you remove the stump, you get a nice visual of a neat space. After the tree roots removal, you can add other types of landscape like flowers or some Australian ornamental trees, put up a fence, add a patio, build a storage shed or anything else you have in mind. Arborists will make sure you get a clean patch with no debris, lumps or holes.

Cleaning the Mess

Once they remove the stump, there will be a mess around it. A lot of shavings and small wood parts will be scattered in your yard. In many cases, the rubbish trucks don’t take them so you have to get rid of them in some way. But don’t worry, the tree services will do it for you. You won’t have to hire a junk removal company, saving you a lot of time, money and effort.

The Stump Grinding Process

Once hired, the professional services will inspect the area to make sure it’s safe to work. This means checking for any holes and other safety hazards around. They’ll look for large stones, rocks, other roots, twigs or other pieces of debris that need to be removed. Next, they put on the safety gear including goggles, gloves, chainsaw safety pants and work boots.

Workers will then remove any grass and plants around the stump for more visibility and shovel away any stones and debris. Basically, remove anything that can damage the blades of the machine. Now they’ll use a chainsaw to cut the stump as low as possible to reduce grinding and make the process much easier.

Now the grinding process can start. One person works the machine, places it on the stump and raises the wheel a bit. Next, they lower the blade and start cutting. They know how and when to move the machine to get every bit of that stump. Once they’re done, they inspect the area and make sure everything is completely removed. And finally, they cover the area with dirt, wood chips and soil on top of it.

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Stump removal and grinding aren’t the same thing even though some people use the terms interchangeably. Removal is when they first poison the tree stump with chemicals and then completely remove it from the ground. This takes a lot of physical effort and a lot of tools. With grinding, the stump remains in the soil, but it never grows again.