The Most Popular Ornamental Trees Australia

Plant nurseries are amazing facilities; you get a fully grown, perfectly healthy plant ready to be planted in the ground and beautify your outdoor area. Moreover, you get to choose the type of plant you want to use – from flowers, to grassy bushes and trees! Most importantly, you know you’re getting a grown decorative plant, so you don’t really need to think whether it will serve the purpose or it will be just another boring green plant that you don’t even you know how it’s called.

Ornamental Trees Australia

Speaking of decorative plants, lets move one level beyond the different types and colours of flowers (which are inevitable for any backyard design) and look at decorative trees. As their name says, ornamental trees are grown with the sole purpose of being used for beautifying a certain outdoor space. So, if you have a large backyard with a green grassy surface, search the ornamental trees Australia offers online and offline; you’ll get to choose from a vast palette of eye-appealing examples among which the following are the most popular ones.

The Cherry Kanzan or Prunus ‘Kanzan’

Think a branch crown of flowers in a heavenly pink colour placed in one of the corners of your backyard facing the house – the perfect view. The Cherry Kanzan tree is a medium-sized tree that is stiffly vase-shaped when young. It has a coppery brown foliage accompanied with the most eye-appealing purplish-pink coloured flowers opening from crimson buds. The tree grows about 8-12 metres in length and spreads wider than 8 metres so you’ll have plenty of shade. So when searching the ornamental trees Australia offers while looking for something that will add a splash of colour in the green oasis in your backyard, bear in mind the Cherry Kanzan tree as a great choice.

The Weeping White Mulberry or Morus Alba Pendula

Another good-looking example of a medium-sized decorative tree is the Morus Alba Pendula, or more commonly known as the Weeping White Mulberry. The branch crown of this tree is fairly rich in green, heart-shaped leaves and its white fruits ripen to deep pink. These trees would be a perfect decoration for the backyard and most importantly, you can use more of them in one place or for various corners of your space. They don’t grow much in length, about 4 metres tops, and spread about 5 metres.

The Serviceberry

The Serviceberry is the type of tree you think was designed to be nature’s most perfect decoration. In early to mid spring it blooms with white flowers which in large clusters create the most beautiful and heavenly sight. These precede the berries that birds so much love, so you have kind of an artistic sight with all those colours and sounds of birds singing. In fall, their colour turns to red/orange.

The Dwarf Korean Liliac

If you don’t have the luxury of having a large, wide backyard, this cute tree would be an amazing decoration for it. As its name suggests, it doesn’t grow very large, but it is pretty cute though – a round crown with fairly dark-green leaves and vibrantly liliac purple blooms in spring. Moreover, you can use more of these to really decorate your entire outdoor area, especially if it’s spacious.

These few are just a selection of the large ornamental tree offer on the market. As long as you keep and follow the landscape design idea, whatever you choose would deliver great pleasure to your eyes when you plant it in your backyard.