Popular Home Design Trends: Give Your Windows a Polished Look with Honeycomb Blinds

Okay, let’s all take a moment and be honest with ourselves: no matter what our homes look like, and by homes I mean interior décors, there’ll always come a time and day when we’d want to infuse our abodes with a change here and there. This can mean many things, but wanting to make a valuable makeover out of adding those changes, it takes investing in something that pays off in the long run, like honeycomb blinds.

There are many reasons why these blinds make the perfect choice. First and foremost, they have a crucial role in cutting down the energy costs. This is due to the specific design of the blinds. Also known as cellular shades, honeycomb blinds consist of cells that make it possible to trap air which is exactly how they create a layer of insulation (especially ideal where there’s draft).

Honeycomb Blinds

This is essential for keeping the home cool in summer, and warm in winter. More on the matter of insulation, you can expect to get sound insulation too. Depending on how much of insulation it is you need, you have the option to choose from a single-cell, and a double-cell design.

Considering they come in different styles, such as the day-night blinds, corded or cordless, a variety of fabrics, for instance sheer, light filtering, and blockout, as well as different colours (read: 30 colours), it’s not surprising they’ve become as popular as ever in Australia; more so when we take their contribution in protecting the home from the damaging UV rays as well.

What you could count on is for them to add distinctive style to any room they are installed in. They give you the right amount of control over light and privacy wherever you add them; of course, it all has to do with the type of fabric you choose. If you don’t mind more light in, go for the sheer alternative, and if you require utmost privacy, blockout is the right option. What’s great about these blinds is they can further be personalised with the use of curtains.

Having in mind just how versatile they are, they provide the home with a sense of luxury. In relation to this, you can expect to have an increase in your home’s value altogether, which surely has its impact in the world of real estate, so they give you bonus points in case you get to sell your home. Quite the blinds, huh?