Scandinavian Interior Design 101: Ways to Bring the Popular Hygge Vibe into Your Home

Scandinavian interior design is a popular style that you’ve certainly seen in an Ikea catalogue, minimalist blogs, or your best friend’s house. Although, it’s clean, crisp, inviting, peaceful, and interesting, it might be difficult to replicate when you don’t know what’s making it work. Therefore, many homeowners may find themselves torn between the questions of what is considered Scandinavian style. And, how do you bring it into your space?

Accent with Wall Art

The principles of craftsmanship and simplicity apply when combining Scandi and art. And, walls can be a good place to get creative. Moreover, decorating with unique Scandinavian-inspired designer art prints will add a touch of flair to the bare walls!

unique Scandinavian-inspired designer art prints


When looking for the best wall décor, nothing says Scandi better than Sofia Lind’s iconic wall art prints. This Gothenburg-based designer and artist’s work is heavily influenced by patterns. The digital component of her work is introduced late in the process, and she leaves the materials/paintings visible and present.

Her popular “Secret Notes” print uses the Giclée printing method which results in vibrant, saturated colours as well as a larger range of depth and nuances. When combined with fine art paper, it ensures archival colour conservation for the best possible age resistance. Pair it with wooden and white home accessories and you have an achingly cool Scandinavian look!

Another equally popular designer art prints to consider are Sandra Blomén Maschinsky’s. This talented Swedish artist and illustrator experiments with line art and digital illustrations. Her popular wall art print “Motljus” combines black and whites and comes with a white border around the motif making it the ideal striking wall décor to the so common Scandinavian white interior.

Keep It Warm and Minimal

Scandinavian space is everything but cluttered. So, when going for this popular Hygge vibe you should strive for “lagom”- the Swedish phrase for “in-between” or “just right.” Consider a harsh and ultra-minimalist aesthetic that combines clean lines and white space. The main idea is not too much or too little!

Use pattern and colour sparingly in carpets and accents, and attempt to balance any excess with opposite aspects in the room. Then, add or remove items until you are satisfied. Decorative pieces with simple designs, elegant ceramic vases and throw pillows with simple geometric prints can all be used to successfully incorporate the style. However, don’t forget to shop and add objects to your rooms with intention.

The majority of the Scandinavian countries have exceptionally chilly climates. Therefore, just like decorating your home in traditional style, accessorizing with warm fabrics is important for making your cosy Scandinavian living space feel snug and warm, especially during the winter months. Throws and carpets made of wool, sheepskins, or mohair are all good options.

Bring the Nature In

In the Scandinavian region, streets are often lined with sidewalk florists selling fresh flowers and tulips in every colour. You can therefore honour nature as a Scandinavian design principle by incorporating natural elements, such as light and bright wood, nature-inspired sculptural pieces, house plants, and natural textiles and upholstery, such as wool, mohair, sheepskin, linen, jute, burlap, and more. Use plants and natural objects in vignettes. Let light in and use views from outside to your advantage. And, whenever you can, opt for eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

You can also embrace the Scandinavian outdoor culture with a gallery wall dedicated to nature prints. Feel free to mix and match floral photographic prints, Nordic forest paintings, and wanderlust-inspiring artworks. Moebe, Paper Collective and Norm Architects’ “Floating Leaves” or Judith and Rolfe’s “Forever Flower” can help you achieve that! For a more fashionable approach, keep the frames black.

Think Neutral (With Pops of Colour)

When it comes to colour, mimic nature’s palette—think earth, stone, and wood, with pops of brighter colour. A neutral palette is basic yet classy, and lighter variants of the wall colour, as well as light wood, will add lightness. This backdrop allows furniture pieces to serve as highlights, adding interest and contrast.

unique Scandinavian-inspired designer art prints with pop of colour


Grey blues, green plants, warm tans, neutral and unsaturated versions, monochromatic colour stories, and graphic and botanical prints for larger blocks of accent colour are all welcomed. Bright and bold colours combined with tiny accents will also bring in Scandinavian enthusiasm.

To maximise the effect contrast light and dark neutrals, ancient and new pieces, abstract and natural, straight and wavy, neutral and flashes of colour, hard and soft, functionality and warmth instead of just colours. Find ways to contrast your basic items, such as walls, furniture, light fixtures, and wall art, to elevate the aesthetic.

Lighting Is Key

Most Scandinavian homes have as little as seven hours of daylight every day. As a result, the use of lighting is critical in this popular interior design. Lighting is seen as a life source, and the Scandinavian style should include several types of lighting to offer appropriate illumination throughout the room.

In a Scandi living space, lighting also establishes the tone. Therefore, we suggest you use industrial-style lighting, such as wall sconces and pendant lamps. Candles and candelabras may also create a warm, intimate, and romantic atmosphere.

In this regard, you should keep the window treatments to a bare minimum to avoid blocking the light. However, if you still want to use window coverings in your Scandinavian decor, choose light textiles like sheer curtains. What’s more, the reflection of lighting through the transparent curtains at night can add to the romantic mood of your space!