Reasons the Teardrop Banner Is One of the Most Popular Promotional Tools

Promotion is essential for attracting customers, regardless whether you’re a humble shop or a well-established chain of stores with years of experience. Today, many businesses believe that the only way to promote themselves is through internet marketing and social media. However, one should never overlook the traditional promotional tools that have been proven to be very effective in drawing attention, such as teardrop banners.



Just think about it, with online marketing, you have no way of knowing who exactly sees your advertisement. It could be people that are hundreds of kilometers away and have no interest in visiting your store. On the other hand, physical promotional tools such as banners target the local customer base specifically. They succeed in making your store stand out to people who actually live in the area, and may become return visitors, as opposed to one-time customers.

Since a teardrop banner is designed to be noticeable, there are endless ways you can use it. For instance, you can put up a customized teardrop banner that signals customers you’re having a sale or have a new product line they can check out. In addition, teardrop banners are lightweight and portable which means you can take them with you whenever you want to promote your business in a different location, such as when attending an expo or promoting your products on the street.

A great benefit of promotional banners is that they are inexpensive yet long-lasting. Compared to digital advertising for which you need to make continuous payments in order for your ad to stay up, promotional banners are a one-time investment that offers continuing returns. As long as you keep your banners in good shape, they can function as a permanent form of advertisement. A generic teardrop banner with your brand’s name, logo and message can be displayed indefinitely.


All things considered, if you want to get the most of your promotional banners, make sure that you pick ones with a quality design. A good tip is to look for models that include a heavy duty base with a ball bearing spindle that can keep the banner securely in place in case it gets super windy. In addition, check whether the poles are CE certified and outdoor grade strong. Aluminium and epoxy fibreglass poles are usually the best choice when strength and durability is concerned. And finally, don’t forget to precisely state to your banner supplier that you want a one-sided or two-sided banner. A one-sided banner can only be seen from the front, whereas two-sided banners are actually two banners sewn together with a block-out material so that the graphics are clearly visible on both sides.