10 Tips to Throw a Flawless and Popular Valentine’s Day Party

There’s a good chance that regardless of whether you’re a seasoned party planner, or throwing your first celebration this year, you’re still pondering where to even begin… Because of this, I’ve compiled a list of important dos, don’ts, and things to keep in mind for your Valentine’s party this year!

1. Outline the party-organizing strategy

Have certain restrictions and boundaries established before you begin to plan. Consider your budget and the number of guests you have invited. It will be much simpler to plan, and you’ll save a tonne of hassles in the long run if you start out with these specifics already decided.

2. Consider a unifying theme or inspirationglass_of_red_wine_white_chocolate

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Pick an overarching theme for your evening to make decorating options easier. This will enable you to make more informed decisions and keep your party theme consistent across every aspect. If you’ve already decided on the inspiration for the evening, it’s lot simpler to say no to all the suggestions that are being floated around.

There is only one easy way to celebrate this holiday and please everyone’s palates: throw a party with a wine theme. You can find terrific bargain red wine packages for red wine drinkers that include everything from Aglianico to Zinfandel. After that, just add some chocolate to the mixture, and you’ve taken care of at least two of the most important ingredients for a popular party.

3. Add your personal touchesvalentine's_day_decoration

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Bring your own unique spin to the evening. This might be anything from handwriting your place cards for the dinner table and strategically arranging guests so that your attendees can form new friendships to setting out nice soaps and hand towels in the restroom. This will demonstrate to visitors your appreciation and thought for them.

5. Keep in mind that timing is crucial

You must concentrate on the timing of your evening if you want the ideal party flow. Make sure to allow plenty of time for kitchen prep and set-up so that you are comfortable and prepared to welcome visitors rather than hurriedly scurrying around when party time comes. To make sure you have enough time to complete your tasks, create a timeline for your perfect party on paper rather than in your brain.

4. Be adaptable and learn to go with the flow

So, yes, you should think about a plan to ensure the optimum party flow, but don’t get too caught up in it that you can’t let things happen as they come. Perhaps a recipe turned out to be trickier than anticipated, or you can’t locate the china from your grandmother that you were certain was in the bottom cupboard. Things do occur! It’s okay that way. Don’t let your anxiety prevent you from moving, and improvising with what you’ve got.

5. Think about your guests’ experiencewine_cheers

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Your party will run more smoothly if you keep your guests’ wants in mind throughout the whole planning process. For example, maybe not all of them are red wine drinkers so instead of only getting red wine packs you could also get some white wine and sparkling in addition to non-alcoholic options like grape juice. Making sure guests know you’re thinking about them will make a lasting impression and have them begging for another invitation, from giving them 3 to 4 weeks’ notice in advance of your party to save the date to when they walk out the door at the end of the night.

6. Remember, done is better than perfect

Make this your new mantra. If you keep it simple, you won’t stress yourself out trying to keep everything organised and will be able to enjoy the party you worked so hard to put together. The perfectness of the event won’t matter to your guests; they just want to have a good time with you. Therefore, let go of the urge to prepare meals like Gordon and set a table like a royalty and just be you!

7. Entertainment is just as important

Anything from a string quartet to a live band, DJ, or iPod is acceptable. Don’t pass up the chance to provide live music for your guests’ entertainment or the ideal playlist to establish the mood for your party. Without having to force yourself to fill every minute with activities and discussion, music is a terrific method to maintain the evening’s tone.

8. Feel free to show off your DIY skills

A party is a fantastic opportunity to express your creativity! Don’t be scared to use up all of your previous art classes. Place cards and menu signs with beautiful calligraphy, and flower arrangements made with flowers from the farmers market (or maybe your own yard!) may all be made by digging out the craft tools and getting your hands a little messy. DIY projects are a terrific way to save money and let your creativity shine.

9. Spread out the spread

Consider the flow of the evening when making a floor plan, and strategically place the food — and especially the bar, which you can stock up with other beverages other than just red wine packages in those areas where you want the party to be located. Guests often linger around the food and drink tables, chatting and nibbling.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Asking for assistance is a huge one that so many hosts and hostesses are reluctant to do. This can be as basic as asking your significant other to cut some vegetables or organizing some friends to come over to help you clean the house. It might also entail hiring a caterer to help relieve part of the workload, hiring a bartender to keep visitors happy, or contacting a nearby rental firm for linens or more chairs.