Baby Wallpaper Nursery Designs That Encourage Imaginations

Decorating the nursery room for your bundle of joy is maybe one of the most exciting and fun things to do. It is the best place to get creative, be it by filling the room with stuffed animals or decorating it in a theme, the possibilities are endless. However, recently one of the most popular trends is decorating with wallpapers as these pieces of art can easily create a unique childhood bedroom that will encourage your baby’s imagination and make him feel special.

Adding baby wallpaper to a nursery room will add a touch of style, fun and it will make it more personal. Be it animal, flower, circus parade or dotty wallpapers, online stores have a lot to offer. Just find a reputable and reliable online store and choose the perfect baby wallpaper nursery design that will transform your baby room into a magical place. Here are some of the most popular nursery wallpaper styles that are popping this year.

Neutrality Above All

If you are looking to create a serene mood in the nursery room, opt for wallpapers in neutral and calming colours. Soft pink, blue and green will add just the right amount of needed colour in your new baby room and will make it more comfy for your little lovey. Neutral colours are also perfect for those of you who don’t want to know the gender of their baby before it comes to this world. You can choose cream, grey, and even subtle yellow and match the wallpaper with white or cream colour furniture pieces; however, do not forget to break the monotony and add some colourful accessories and stuffed animals.

Baby Wallpaper Nursery Designs That Encourage Imaginations

Baby Glam

Soon-to-be parents should design the interior décor of their baby’s room as a whole separate magical world. Regardless whether you are having a girl or a boy, here’s a stylish suggestion – instead of putting wallpaper on all four walls, do it on just one instead. This colourful wall will act as the focal point in the room and you can easily place the crib on that particular wall to add more to its magic.

Little Letters

Both infants and toddlers would love this wallpaper. Place it behind the crib’s (bed) wall and give your kid a great intro into the alphabetic world. These wallpapers are available in different designs and colours, so you could easily choose the one that will meet the room’s interior design.

Baby Wallpaper Nursery Designs That Encourage Imaginations 2

Sail Away

Blue has a such positive impact on one’s way of thinking and mood. It has the power to relax you without hurting your eyes from too much colour. Pick this wallpaper for the nursery room and let your baby sleep while sailing away in his little boat. The sail away wallpapers are usually designed with retro-styled boats, and are the perfect baby wallpaper nursery design for all ages. You can also add different sized woven baskets as a storage adorned with some cute boat and place them right next to the crib or to the rest chair. To make the room even more special, you can hang seashells and starfish garland either on the wall or on the crib itself.

Retro Touch

You can also add retro motifs in your baby’s room by choosing a polka dot wallpaper. Available in different colours, this wallpaper will add retro touch to the nursery, giving you the opportunity to combine it with different details depending on your baby’s gender.