Popular Wedding Decoration Centerpieces: The Charms of Manzanita Tree

Though we call it the big day, the wedding day can only be special when you pay the same attention to the small details equally as you do with the big ones. For instance, getting the gown and tux of your dreams is a given, as well as the venue and the music, the meals, the photos, however, centerpieces have their special role too and shouldn’t be left out either.

They can make or break your table decoration, simply said, so it’s all about the little touches when it comes to creating something unique and memorable. Great news is they aren’t going to break your bank and can be cherished for years and years to come, well after your wedding day.

manzanita tree centerpiece


Take the example of manzanita tree centerpiece, it’s a decorating piece that’s full of meaning, especially when you can use it to inspire guests to write something about you two, their wishes, a piece of advice on married life and humour, notes that you’d get to keep and reread, remembering the special day every anniversary.

Other than this, you could also use it as part of your Christmas decoration in your home every year too and always look back on your big day, no matter the occasion, be it your anniversary or Christmas day.

Available in a wide range of materials and colours, a manzanita tree centerpiece brings about plenty of elegance and a bit of glitter, allowing you to match the style with that of your wedding as a whole.

Furthermore you have the freedom to decorate them the way you want, personalising them with extra details and touches, such as adding extravagance with the help of strings of pearls or crystal beads, if you have a theme something related to it, as in the case of outdoor weddings using nature’s charm in the form of tree leaves, fruits and flowers, meaning you’ve got plenty of options including DIY.

You decide whether you turn them into the focal points of the party or just pieces that add to the décor. Who needs a guest book anyway when you could get something as incomparable as a wish tree? If you include guest photos and have their wishes written over them, you make it even more original.

Though they’ve made it over the world by now, wish trees are a wedding tradition that began all the way in the Netherlands, so other than a stylish piece you’d have an age-old tradition part of your big day!