Popular Ways to Decorate Your Home in Traditional Style

Traditional interior design is a classic, warm, and comforting design style that’s always been trending. It takes inspiration from the European home design in the 18th and 19th century, and it’s characterized by chic and elegant furniture, muted colour palettes and cosy textiles. Traditional style is timeless and placeless. It’s well put together, but it still isn’t overly fancy. The furniture and colour palettes are often familiar rather than trend setting.

On the other hand, just because it’s rooted in tradition, doesn’t mean that this design style isn’t changing over time. Many of today’s traditional homes include modern elements like large kitchen islands and open-plan spaces. If you’re asking yourself “How do I make my home more traditional?”, the following tips will be of much help.

Traditional Style Dining Room

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Traditional dining rooms perfectly balance classic elegance with comfort. They bring together elements from the past with touches of modern design and create characterful entertaining spaces that are both stylish and practical. There are multiple elements to consider when designing a traditional dining room, from the walls, floors and windows to traditional chairs, tables, storage, lighting and the important finishing touches.

Starting with the chairs, the ideal choice are the vintage traditional dining chairs. With their ornate detailing and elegant curves, they’re guaranteed to bring character to a traditional dining room. The traditional upholstered chairs are constructed with premium cigar leather in a variety of earthy colours. These refined and rich tones, along with the wooden frames help to make this area warm and cosy.

Traditional dining rooms have a lot of wooden elements. Designers often favour muted and neutral paint colours for the walls so that the wooden surfaces can truly shine. Whether we’re talking about the chairs, dining table, or storage elements, oak gives you a variety of soothing tones to choose from. For a more sophisticated and mysterious look, you can go for the moody chocolatey brown or red tones. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a more soothing and relaxed look, choose your traditional dining chairs or dining table in a golden, honey or wheat oak tone.

Lastly, no room is complete without the proper décor elements. When it comes to wall décor, the traditional style takes a more pared back approach to decorating. It includes simple decorative fabrics, embroidered motifs or framed artworks picturing landscapes and other realistic motifs. If you want to get creative, you can also use decorative plates as wall art. Another great way to decorate your dining room is by creating an elegant table display. When you’re not using it, you can turn your dining table into a focal point with a display of floral arrangements and objects such as candlesticks and wine bottles.

Traditional Style Living Room

The living room is the main star of your household. This is where you spend the majority of your free time and it’s often the only area your guests can see. There are typically two design routes designers take when they’re putting together a traditional living room.

Bright and Airy Traditional Living Room

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For the first option, you should consider painting your walls white or in a bright pastel colour. As for the furniture, you can choose neutral and cosy earthy tones same as with choosing the traditional dining room chairs and the rest of the furniture pieces. Comfort is important for this specific home design. The sofas often have extra cushioning and they’re accompanied by comfy accessories, such as throw blankets and pillows.

Make sure that these are made from soft and breathable materials. To make things more interesting, you can match your traditional sofa with a cosy accent chair. While the contemporary style is all about contrast and striking visuals, traditional homes include more balance and symmetry. Try adding matching traditional table lamps or symmetrical mirrors to create a more composed and balanced look.

Cosy and Elegant Den

If you’re more a fan of dark and rich colours in your interior, this is the better option for you. For an elegant and moody living room, include wooden surfaces in darker tones for your floor, furniture and/or décor elements. Good options are walnut, mahogany red oak, etc. Pair them with a signature leather chesterfield chair for relaxing next to your coffee table or as a seating option for your reading nook. To top things off, include a simple floor lamp and wall art prints with wooden frames.

Traditional Style Bedroom

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Traditional bedrooms are a perfect place to relax after a long and busy day. From the daily commute and constant phone buzzing to the endless sea of responsibilities, these bedrooms give you a quiet escape place to calm your mind and soothe your senses. Similar to the rest of your home, traditional bedrooms love wooden surfaces.

You can include them in your bed frames, dresser, or even spice things up with rattan wall décor. To inject some patterns and visual interest, try a patterned floral wallpaper rather than a paint job. You can complement the walls with matching indoor plants or night lamps with a similar hue. Lastly, don’t be afraid to add as many cosy décor pieces as you want. Play around with different colours and patterns and dress your bed with comfortable and stylish throw pillows.