A Closer Look at the Most Popular ChiaoGoo Knitting Sets

Experienced knitters know the importance of having the right tools. No matter how talented and creative you are, the quality of your needles is crucial for the quality of your projects. Fortunately, with needles coming from a professional brand like ChiaoGoo, you don’t have to worry about this. Present on the market since 1980, this brand has managed to meet the needs of all types of knitters around the world.

If you browse a store selling knitting supplies, you’ll notice there is a variety of Chiaogoo knitting tools to choose from. And since many knitters find it more convenient to buy a whole set than purchase the knitting tools separately, we’re going to review the most popular knitting sets from this brand.


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TWIST Shortie Lace Interchangeable Tip Set

The amazing Chiaogoo TWIST shortie sets are perfect for making small circumference knitted items. The tips of these needles have a tightening hole to ensure a securer connection, and they can make 23cm through 36cm circulars, so you can easily customize the needle length. You can choose between the red and the blue TWIST mini-set.

Red TWIST Shortie Set

The red one consists of 12 pairs of 5cm and 8cm solid and surgical stainless steel tips. It also has 2mm and 3.25mm sizes which are stored in a secure tip sleeve. This set also includes 3 mini diameter red cables of 13cm, 15cm and 20cm, and a red pocket-sized nylon pouch. This TWIST shortie set is ideal for making wrist warmers, fingerless mitts, socks, sleeves and baby hats and knitted booties.

Blue TWIST Shortie Set

While the nylon pouch looks exactly the same, just in blue colour, the blue TWIST mini set consists of 10 pairs of 5cm and 8cm hollow, surgical stainless steel tips. The 3mm and 5mm sizes are stored in the secure tip sleeve. This set includes 3 small diameters blue X-flex cables – 13cm, 15cm and 20cm. Unlike the red shortie set, the blue one is versatile and ideal for making all sorts of knitted projects and small circumference knits like sleeves, hats, toys, etc. Both of these sets include tightening keys, end stoppers, stitch markers, connectors and mini needle gauge.

Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles

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How to Use Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles?

All you need to do is to insert the needles on each end of the cable and gently screw them in and that’s it. In case you want to change the tips, the process is the same. Just take the new tips, and screw them directly into the needle tip.

4’’ & 5’’ Spin Sets
The needles in this set are made of bamboo but have well-defined stainless steel tips. The benefit of using these needles is that their tip is not that pointy, making it impossible to irritate your finger (if you are one of the many knitters who push the tip with their index finger). The tip of these needles also allows for easy stitch manipulation.

The spin set also includes nylon cables that allow the tips to swivel freely. In case you also have TWIST tips, you can switch its cables and accessories. The clear cords of this set are great for knitting things like lace or some other similar knitting project where there is no heavy cord kinking. Both of these SPIN sets include 13 needle tips in US 2 (2.75mm), US 3 (3.25mm), US 4 (3.55mm), US 5 (3.75mm), US 6 (4mm), US 7 (4.5mm), US 8 (5mm), US 9 (5.5mm), US 10 (6mm), US 10-1/2 (6.5mm), US 11 (8mm), US 13 (9mm), and US 15 (10mm).

The cord lengths included in the 4’’ SPIN set are three clear, nylon cable lengths of 20cm, 35cm and 55cm to make 40cm, 56cm and 76cm circulars. The cord lengths included in the 5’’ SPIN set are three clear and nylon cable lengths to make 60cm, 80cm and 100cm circulars. Some other things you can find in this set are two S and L end caps, two cord keys, a ruler/needle sizer and a collection of stitch markers.

DPN Sock Set


DPN Sock Set

This set includes 5 sets of 15cm patina double points in sizes 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm and 3.25mm. It also includes 12 stitch markers, 8cm needle gauge and a compact zipper-enclosed fabric case with outside zippered pocket. As you can see, this set consists of different points, giving you the freedom to make socks with different weights of yarn suitable for sock knitting.

Patina Straight Needles

Made of bamboo which offers many benefits, the patina straight needles can come in 23cm and 33cm and have single points, precisely tapered and hand-crafted tips. The patina colour of these needles is obtained with thermal heat, and their size is permanently imprinted with the help of a laser on each needle and cap. The lovely tapered point and smooth snag-free surface make knitting extremely easy.

Stainless Steel Double Point Needles

Made of surgical stainless steel, these needles are usually used for knitting socks, sleeves and toys. These DPN knitting needles have precisely and perfectly tapered tips, a smooth satin finish, ideal for those of you who like slippery needles. Just like the bamboo needles, the size of these needles is carefully imprinted on each with the help of a laser. Strong and recyclable, you can choose from 15cm and 20cm long needles.