Popular Ways of Using Wedding Chalkboards For Your Wedding

Wedding decor is all about the details. Centrepieces with flowers and candles, lanterns, lights, favour boxes and heart-shaped candy add to the magical atmosphere of the wedding. However, sometimes all of this is not enough for adding the personal touch you’ve always wanted to achieve and that’s when wedding chalkboards come into play.

These boards are becoming more and more popular, especially with the rustic chic theme. They can be a wonderful aesthetic addition to the whole setting and at the same time, they can be very practical. There are many different ways you can use a wedding chalkboard, so here are some interesting ideas.

The first idea is to place the wedding chalkboards all over the setting and have cute welcoming and love messages, witty sketches or pretty doodles putwedding chalkboardon them beforehand. When it comes to writing messages on the wedding chalkboard, remember that less is more, which means it is better to write concise and short messages that will draw your guests’ attention. Additionally, consider the different fonts you can use so that your messages can be more diverse, creative and eye-catching. For the writing or drawing process itself, you can use chalk or paint pens and a damp cloth to correct any mistakes that are sure to happen.

Next, a wedding chalkboard can also be used as an activity timeline. It can have all the info on the activities that are about to take place and a brief overview that can serve as a wedding guide for all of the guests. For this purpose, small self-standing sandwich chalkboard signs can be placed at several spots on the reception area with different pieces of information. Seating charts, table numbers and cocktail time announcements can all be written on the wedding chalkboards. You can also use the chalkboards to give directions as some of the guests might be unfamiliar with the layout of the venue.

Another use for the wedding blackboards is to write information about the food and the favours. This can be done in the form of short rhymed sentences like “Love is sweet so take a treat! or Don’t be shy, grab some pie!”.

Wedding chalkboards are also perfect for the guestbook area and the bride and the groom could write on it what they want the guests to share there. It could be asking for pieces of advice on a happy marriage and the board could say “Please share your advice with the newlyweds” or “Please sign our book by writing some words that represent our relationship”.

Finally, you can use them to make a creative photo session, so that both the hosts and the guest can take pictures with romantic messages like “Happiness – being married to your best friend”, “Homework assignment – Live happily ever after” or “With our whole heart for our whole life”.