The Most Popular One Tonne Excavators

The excavators are large machines used on every construction site for removing soil from the ground. They are some of the most commonly used construction machines and come in different sizes and forms depending on the task that needs to be completed. Excavators can be used for different purposes, such as for digging holes, foundations, trenches, cutting works, demolition works, forestry, material handling, landscaping and heavy lifts. The demand for excavators is always high because they are an essential part of the construction industry.


Today, the excavators are equipped with advanced technologies and innovative features. However, not all feature the same controls and offer the same benefits. They are usually classified by their lifting capacity, such as 3 tonne, 5 tonne and 1 tonne excavator. The 1 tonne excavator is considered as the most efficient, because a lifting capacity of 1 tonne is usually enough for most applications. There are several 1 tonne excavator models on the market, and the following models are some of the finest:


Airman AX08-3

The Airman AX08-3 is a 1 tonne excavator which is heavily used on the construction sites all over the world. It is operator-friendly mini excavator that can be used for basic excavation operations, including loading, unloading, digging and leveling. Because it belongs to the 1 tonne excavator class, it has operating weight of around 1,000 kg, more precisely 1,100 kg. With undercarriage width of 720 mm and overall width of the machine of 910 mm, the Airman AX08-3 can easily operate in narrow spaces. Also, this 1 tonne excavator comes with many innovative safety features.


Neuson 50Z3/6003

Another very popular 1 tonne excavator is Neuson 50Z3/6003. This model features a zero tail swing configuration which enables a rotation of the entire superstructure. The Neuson excavator includes the Yanmar TNV series diesel engine. This engine is very quiet, extremely powerful and fuel-efficient. It is designed with a comfortable and spacious cabin and fully adjustable operator’s seat. With ergonomically and easy to use controls, this 1 tonne excavator comes with a completely redesigned dashboard. It also features a heavy-duty boom for challenging the toughest tasks.