The Most Popular Way To Get Longer Hair Fast

You admire and are a be jealous of your friends with long and voluminous hair. Do you not feel attractive and beautiful? If so, it’s time for a change. But know, turning your short hair into a long and gorgeous one that you and others will admire, is not easy. Growing longer hair requires a lot of care and determination. Here are some tips on how you can get you hair to grow faster:


  • Eat healthy – In order to have a health hair, first you have to have a healthy body. Include foods high in iron, zinc and vitamin C, which are good for you hair;


  • Manage your stress – Stress can significantly slow the hair growth. To stay stress-free, eat well, exercise regularly and get enough sleep;


  • Use the right hair products – Each of us has a different type of hair that may react differently to different hair products. Using the right products to keep you hair clean and healthy will speed the growth process;


  • Be careful with you hair style – Styling your hair in tight ponytails too often can result in bald patches, as this hairstyle puts stress on hair follicle, cutting the supply of needed nutrients;

Clip In Hair Extensions


  • No harsh chemicals – No perms, peroxide or chemical straightening. If you really have to colour, use a non-peroxide hair dye;


  • Skip the heat – When you heat you hair, you damage your locks from cuticle to tip. So stay away from blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons;


  • No hot water- It can weaken and cause hair to fall out. Thus, rinse hair with cold water;


  • Stimulate – When washing your hair, take one to three minutes to massage the roots;


  • Get regular trims – Getting you hair regularly trimmed will ensure hair health, from root to end;


If you do not have the patience, time and determination to naturally grow longer hair, you can try a quick and more versatile option such as clip in hair extensions.

Clip In Hair Extensions03

Clip in hair extensions are a hot trend which can be used on any hair style, texture or colour. With clip in hair extensions, you will be able to get the desired and gorgeous look, perfect for day and night. A reputed professional will indicate the number of clip in hair extensions and the application technique to get the desired look. Of course, you can attach and remove clip in hair extension on your own as they are very easy to use. However, if using the clip in hair extension for the first time, it is highly recommended you visit experienced hair dresser that will perfectly fit the clip in hair extension and explain how top properly remove them and care for them.


Clip in hair extension come in variety of styles, colours, sizes and lengths. Which ones you will choose depends solely on your requirements. However, it is very important to use the high quality clip in hair extension. The best option would be buying quality remy clip in hair extension from a reputable hair salon. This will ensure long life of your clip in hair extension and easy care routine. And of course, a flawless hair style.